Passed CPNE this weekend in Plano

  1. Just got home. Passed with no repeats.
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  3. by   LucasRN
    wow!!!!!!! congratulations!!!!!!! you deserve it!!!!
  4. by   donsterRN
    You must be so relieved and happy; congratulations!
  5. by   Mudwoman
    THere were 5 of us testing. I know for sure that 2 failed. The 2 others were having to repeat PCS's and I don't know how they did. I'm worried that one of those 2 probably did not make it as he had failed both PCS's on Saturday.

    This is a tough test and you better know "best practice" of the area of care you are doing. The 2 failures that I know about had nothing to do with not knowing their critical elements.
  6. by   ready4cpne
    Congratulations! Can you give us a detailed account of what you experienced? I'm sure many here would love to know everything you can share.
  7. by   Mudwoman
    Quote from ready4cpne
    Congratulations! Can you give us a detailed account of what you experienced? I'm sure many here would love to know everything you can share.
    You are testing in a hospital. Remember that. In real life, if you work in a hospital, you have at least 5 patients and possibly as many as 10. In this test you only have one. This is a test to prove that you can work as a HOSPITAL RN. Also, people are in a hospital because they are very sick. You are assigned areas of care on a very sick person or child. Your patients will need LOTS of nursing care, but you are to ONLY do what you are assigned to do and get out of there.

    You should do your GRID first. Then look for patterns of care to form your Planning Phase care plan. You will end up changing this care plan during the evaluation phase. You need to be able to do all of this in 30 minutes.

    You should be able to organize your plan of care to be finished in an hour. There were more failures for the 20 min checks and vital signs than anything.

    Allow yourself 45 minute for the evaluation phase and documentation.

    The extra 15 minutes is breathing room.

    Also, remember that Excelsior students are guests in the hospitals. The nurses and respiratory therapists and doctors have a job to do and the fact that you need to take vital signs when they need to do other care is not the priority. You make sure you respect that and negotiate some extra time if you feel you will need it. Patient Jeopardy!

    Do NOT let them see you sweat.

    Know your critical elements and know what "BEST PRACTICE" is for each area of care.

    Do not make excuses. Do not try and envoke CDM because something is difficult. If you are an RN in a real hospital making a real paycheck and you are assigned your 5 patients, you are expected to perform certain duties on those patients. When the Dr comes on the floor, he doesn't want to hear an excuse as to why your were not able to do a blood pressure or assess bowel sounds. Same mind frame goes for this test. YOu are given an assignment and unless the patient refuses or it would put the patient in physical jeopardy, you do your assignment.

    Do not argue with the CE's or the CA except in private and then be professional and be respectful. These CE's teach in local college nursing programs. They have LOTS of experience. Most of the CE's I had/had been teaching for 30 plus years. On my best day, I don't know all they do.

    If you do not already work in a hospital and are planning to take this test, go apply tomorrow at a hospital and get a job there. The exception is if you have at least 2 years experience in a hospital in the last 5 years.
  8. by   EricJRN
    Congratulations! All of your hard work is paying off!
  9. by   ready4cpne
    Mudwoman, I think what people would like to hear is a narrative of your experience. The details of your PCS's, what was assigned, the care plans, what you did and what you were told by the CE's-- that is what most people I've talked to find helpful. Prospective test takers will benefit from factual, detailed accounts of the CPNE experiences posted on sites like this one. Your contribution in this regard, if you don't mind taking the time to write it, will be greatly appreciated.
  10. by   Vida
    yes please yes please!!

  11. by   floridanurse65
    Congratulations...........I remember how happy I was in your place 8 years ago. You have achieved a great accomplishment
  12. by   anticoagulationurse
    congrats mudwoman! you did it!!!! breathe, sleep, relax, eat. you've earned a break.

    ready4cpne: i don't keep track of who has requested files from me. you may have... but i have such a thing from my cpne experience i could email you if you pm me with your personal email address (see sticky, "passing the cpne: tips from my ecperience" up top).
  13. by   ready4cpne
    anticoagulationurse, Thanks for the reply regarding your files. I did PM a few weeks ago, and I was waiting for your reply. I figured you had not been on this site to check your mail. Let me know if you did not receive it.
  14. by   nurse1717
    Mudwoman: hats off to you for a job well done! i'm off to madison next week. more failures for 20 min checks and vs? can you elaborate? i the meantime, i'm looking over my peds info. any last minute tips if i get a peds pt? (just realized for diaper weights: 1g = 1 ml!) thanks.