Online stats class?

  1. Hey guys

    does anyone know of an entirely online stats course? As in tests, final, quizzes, homework all online? I keep finding stats courses that are online, except the tests.

    also, I need the credits to be transferable.

    Thanks for your help

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  3. by   pre-ASUstudent
    Hi Hailey, I am currently taking PSY230(Intro to Statistics) at Rio Salado Community College here in AZ. It is completely online, it has two exams(midterm and final) that are to be taken at-home.

    Hope that helps!
  4. by   xohaileyyyx3
    Everyone I talk to about online courses says that Rio Salado is the best!

    So how many homework assignments are there?
    Are the tests timed?
    So are the only 2 grades you recieve for the course the midterm and final? - Which are online, taken at home, and unproctored?

    Sorry for all the questions! I'm just having a realy difficult time deciding where to take the online stats course this Summer. I'm traveling a lot this summer, so I'm trying to find a online course that is completely done from home, and I don't want to have to worry about getting proctors and all that!

    Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it

    Goodluck with your course!
  5. by   pre-ASUstudent
    PSY230 has a total of 10 Lesson Assignments, 10 Quizzes, a midterm and final exam.

    The midterm exam is divided into 2 sections, it has Part I and Part II, but has the same due date; same with the final exam it has 2 sections, but has the same due date. Each sections of the midterm and final exam has a time limit of 3 hours.
    Everything that you submit are graded (e.g lesson assignments, quizzes, and exams). Yes, the exams are to be taken at-home, they are open notes, and not proctored. Today is my first day of the class ☺

    You don't have to worry about anything when taking this class because it is pure online. The only thing you need is its required book, which costs $52-$58.

    Goodluck also!
  6. by   deebaxster
    How was PSY 230? I might sign up for a section at Rio that starts tomorrow, may 9.

    How many weeks did your course last? The one I'm looking at is 8, I believe.

    I'm also currently taking an 8 week CHM 130 class. I'm wondering if the two together would be too much. ? I'm highly motivated to get them both out of the way.

  7. by   pre-ASUstudent
    @ deebaxster: I am currently on my seventh week, and chose the 16-weeks option because I am also taking SPA101. The class is very easy, it includes basic calculations, some little essays; you shouldn't have any problems with it. I might be done with this class a little early than 16-weeks.
    My suggestion is that you take my instructor, who is ------- he is extremely helpful and kind with his students.

    Hope that helps! By the way, how is CHM130 ( are the labs taken at home? are there alot of essays? and etc..) I will be taking that class right after the two classes above.
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  8. by   deebaxster
    Sounds good! Yes, the labs are at home. I'm only in the second week though. So, far it doesn't seem that hard. I think if you've taken bio 201, 202 and microbiology you have already been exposed to a lot of the material (pH, alkalinity, bicarbonate, etc). The essasys seems like they'll be on the shorter side (3 paragraphs or so). The mid term and final are NOT at home and account for 2/3 of the overall score.
  9. by   pre-ASUstudent
    @deebaxster: Yep, I personally chose PSY230 over MAT206 because I am tired of math!
    I haven't taken BIO156, so I can't take BIO201/202/205 yet because many said that CHM130 is much easier than the BIO classes.
    Are you also planning to apply at ASU? Are you on the RN-BSN route?
  10. by   deebaxster
    Ah, ok I see. Yes, the instructor for the class I'm looking at is the same one you have. 'Glad to know he's good

    I'm starting Block 1 of Mesa CC's program in August. When I complete that and pass (hopefully) NCLEX, I want go directlyinto ASU's online RN to BSN program. The RN to BSN program at asu requires CHM 130 and PSY 230 as pre-reqs. Maricopa doesn't (they'll take one full year of high school chemistry, which i have).

    I want to take thses classes now so that when I 'm done at MCC, I'm not faced with taking CHM 130 and PSY 230 before moving on.

    When will you take BIO 156?
  11. by   evajessee
    Hey Ladies! Sorry to jump in on your conversation but I just enrolled for Rio Salado too! I had to drop my fall semester at my local college due to the fact that I delivered a baby & then went into postpartum heart failure (cardiomyopathy). I was super misinformed after they added my classes about my financial aid. I enrolled in Bio 156 & the Psy 230 stats class. However, after I enrolled they informed me that I would have to purchase my own books because I wouldn't get a book voucher in time. Would any of you that have taken either of these courses be willing to loan me one of these books if you still have it? I would gladly pay to ship it back & forth & would take good care of it. I will have my aid 2 weeks after the start of class but that's going to be too late.
  12. by   woodsyny
    At rio salado online stat class people said to take ------ but don"t see on their site where they say who the instructors are. Any info would be helpful
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  13. by   hezbro7478
    So how difficult was the Midterm and final?? Were the questions similar to the homework assignments or quizes?? I was going to take the class but I'm worried that the Midterm and final even though they are open book would be difficult.
  14. by   woodsyny
    Does this class have math or algebra prereq"s in order to take it? Looks like it does.....