Online BSN programs

  1. There are so many bsn programs out there can anyone please suggest very good low tuition accredited programs?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    1. Fort Hays State University RN-to-BSN: $186 per credit

    2. Eastern New Mexico Univ RN-to-BSN: $203 per credit

    3. Grantham University RN-to-BSN: $265 per credit

    4. Lamar University RN-to-BSN: $283 per credit

    5. Western Governors RN-to-BSN: $3,250 per term

    Personally, I completed the RN-to-BSN program through Western Governors University. It took me 10 months, was self-paced, and cost an all-inclusive total of $5,800 for the 34 credits in addition to the e-textbooks.
  4. by   AdultPsychRN
    I am completing my BSN through WGU. No set due dates is very helpful for me because I have 2 jobs!
  5. by   applesxoranges
    What state are you in? I did mine through Ohio University but they only accept students from 5 states. It took me 9 months but I planned ahead and was about 5-8 thousand dollars.

    University of Louisiana Lafayette was one that I looked at. I think the cost would have been around 10,000. it is CCNE accredited. It's like 10,000. I think they used to require you to have graduated from an ACEN/NLNAC accredited degree program.

    You can also look American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Home and do a search by state. Most RN bachelor programs offer an RN to BSN option and the majority are offering it online.