Online Accellerate Bsn Second Degree?

  1. :spin: hello, I HAVE A BA IN ECONOMY AND FINANCE , IM ATEACHER AND also i have a CNA licence and im finishing my AAS in PHYSICAL THERAPY ASS..i m almost all the pre-requierment for a RN or BSN ....Is there in the country any ONLINE SECOND DEGREE ACCELERATED PROGRAM i can attend with all my background i have ...i dont want to stop working to attend a full time one because of my famille charges.....
    any help please??????????????thanks for your reply
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    THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY...I WOULD LIKE TO APPLY TO THIS ONE BUT i would also need to know if there is an other one because this one will be very competitive to enter and the class start in october ,i dont want to wait and i will be may be not selected.

    any other online school
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    I know that UCF (Univ of Central FL) does have one online.... but I don't know if you have to be local to attend (it's online, and has clinicals once a week or something)
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    thank you for you info let check the UCF...IF SOMEONE HAS MORE INFO PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME...THANK
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    You contradict yourself in saying you don't want to go full time but are looking for an accellerated program. Accellerated programs are double-full-time. They have many clinical hours, so finding an online one is going to be next to impossible, although you might be able to take some of your classes online.

    Good luck!
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    i would like to find one that i may take class online and do my clinical locally.....but must be accredited
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    Like Tweety said accelerated programs are double-full time! They are like a nursing program on speed, a triple shot of expresso and a gallon of Mountain Dew!

    Even people with years of direct patient care experience find them a challenge. I will be attending an accelerated program myself, so I fully support your quest. I think these kind of programs are great. Still folks like us with healthcare experience need to be aware of the fact that nursing school might prove a challenge, even with all our knowledge

    Yes, you may find an accelerated online BSN (U of WI comes to mind) but it is going to be tough for you to work full time while going through an accelerated online program. Accelerated is tough enough. Online AND accelerated will make it doubly so.

    Since you already have a Bachelor's degree, why no go for a direct-entry Master's program? Many of these programs exist and are accelerated.

    If you have to, take out a loan to pay tuition and help take care of your family while you attend school for 12-16 months. That way you can just work PRN.

    Since you are a PT, why not ask you hospital employer to pay for your nursing degree and put you on PRN? Many of them would them would offer someone with your backgroud help (ie, cash) in exchange for a work commitment after graduation.

    Since accelerated programs are so expensive, take your time and consider these options. You don't want to spend all that money and not pass the first semester.

    Good luck to you!
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    thank you very much for this advices....:spin: i will xcheck your options....thanks the way what schooll are u going to?
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    Quote from dodo102
    thank you very much for this advices....:spin: i will xcheck your options....thanks the way what schooll are u going to?
    If your asking me, I'm going to Florida Hospital Colleges online RN to BSN program, which is a half-time program which allows me to work full-time. But you have to already have your ADN RN or a Diploma RN.

    Good luck!
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    thanks for the info....