Officially Enrolled....

  1. I am an officially enrolled Exclesior Nursing student.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Good job! Now the hard part is to begin tackling the exams...
  4. by   nettexmel
    Dream Nurse, did you do the FACT management payment plan, or did you pay the fees up front. I want to enroll as well, but I'm hesitating for some reason. I have to take all of the NC exams and 1 humanties, and 1 english. Should I enroll now ?
  5. by   FocusRN
    Hey ya'll and thanks. I just signed up for Chancellor's (a former instructor swore by them, she is an EC grad),so I will be diving in ASAP. I vow to nail them all down on the first try, by going in prepared, but I am still shooting to be able to be CPNE eligible by August 1, 2007.

    Hey Nex, I am doing the Facts Plan, I choose the 5 month $185/ month plan. I could have paid it in a lump sum, but the $185 is less sticker shock.

    If I were you depending on your financial situation I most likely would enroll now because:

    -Even though EC isn't a title IV school, there are a lot of grants and loans out there that you can only get if you are an enrolled student.

    -Sure you can take all of the general ed and NC 1 and 2 without being enrolled but, for what? Just to avoid the enrollment fee. That a gamble to me because EC and state BON's change the rules often, and with any rule change I want to be grandfathered in. Think of all of the aspiring Cali nurses that were waiting it out, and then it was too late.

    -Also eventhough anyone can get a free EC account when you are enrolled there is so much more there. They actually have message boards for their students, I have been reading them all day.

    -And lastly because it feels good to say than I am an RN student and know that i can graduate basically a quickly as I want.
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  6. by   nettexmel
    Thanks for the reply. I've been wanting to do it, but needed a little nudge.
  7. by   smilinjane7
    Hey, everyone. I just graduated from LVN school. I have a friend that went to LVN school & then took Excelsiors and got her RN. Since I have done a lot of tele-courses & web course in the past with much success, I think I want to go the same route. My only concern is the clinical check offs. The only "C" I ever made in a class was during check-offs in the lab. Not because I didn't know the procedures, but because I have a bit of stage fright. Unfortunatly, my friend who took Excelsiors said check offs were the worst part of it. I plan on working at a hospital while I am in school so maybe I can pre-learn the things I have to get checked off on. Has anyone heard what kind of check offs can be expected to graduate? I haven't enrolled in a distance school yet. I still have leftover grant money that I am using up this next semester at my junior college.
  8. by   Tweety
    Good luck!!