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  1. In trying to tackle as many of the prerequisites I can in a short amount, I was informed of an online course option that was offered through Geneva College via Portage Learning.

    I have searched and searched to find detailed reviews of people who have taken a course - to no avail!

    If anyone has taken a course from these providers, could you please give me your feedback?

    As much information as possible would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you all in advance!
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  3. by   ZenNurseMode
    Just started a course today...I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. by   lyn305

    I'm also thinking about taking a few courses with Geneva College via Portage Learning, please let me know how its going and your opinion.

  5. by   ZenNurseMode
    The nutrition course is excellent in content. I'm actually digesting the information at my own pace and it's sticking. Relevant and good quality course.
  6. by   adubs923
    Did you receive actual , physical materials/books or is it all ebooks? Thanks!
  7. by   ZenNurseMode
    I did not receive any books for the course. Reading the modules...taking notes and passing the exams is all it took with the Nutrition course. You must be proactive in your studies.
  8. by   vcantu22
    How fast did you complete the nutrition course?
  9. by   KNicolle67
    Are these classes accredited? Will other schools accept these courses? Would like to know before I invest any monies.
  10. by   batmanlight
    Has anyone gone through with the a class on portage? How lopng has it taken you? I need to finish a Micro class within 6 weeks...
  11. by   augurey
    Quote from batmanlight
    Has anyone gone through with the a class on portage? How lopng has it taken you? I need to finish a Micro class within 6 weeks...
    You have a year to complete from the start of the first module. All courses on NursingABC / Portage Learning is self paced, so you pretty much complete as quickly or as slowly as you want (within the year). I believe they don't allow you to do more than one exam a day though.

    I didn't do mine through Portage specifically, but Nursing ABC, but I believe they are the same company or affiliated -- I'm not 100% sure on the connection as it's been awhile, but you basically have a module that contains reading material and sometimes videos, depending on the subject.

    Also just know that they don't take financial aid, so it's all out of pocket. They are accredited, but also make sure that micro credits will transfer with it being online. Some schools are fine with it being online, others aren't.
  12. by   TAKOO01
    I took a Chemistry course with a lab with Nursing ABC. I was skeptical about it at first, but my school advisor told me it was legit. I don't remember how long it took ,but I guess it was about two - three months. I think if you are confident and dedicated you can do the classes at a faster pace. I took my time. There were videos labs and some exams - nothing terribly hard. I found it to be reasonably easy. The credits were accepted by my ADN program and now by my BSN program, so they are valid. If I remember correctly, it was also priced lower than the local community college course.
  13. by   emmjayy
    Portage Learning (which is affiliated with Geneva College, an accredited private school) runs NursingABC. I took both A&Ps (which are 4 credit courses with lab, like micro) through it and it was fairly easy. I took 2-3 months per course, but I was also very busy at the time and not single-mindedly focused on getting through the material. A huge upside is that you do not need to purchase a book and the tuition is very cheap (about 1/3 of the cost of taking the course in person at a college). The tests were mainly multiple choice, some labeling, some fill in the blank, maybe an application question or two. All very straight forward and simple to answer as long as you paid attention to the material. The labs were just videos that you could take extensive notes on, and then the lab exams were open book.

    I'm taking a psychology course through Portage right now and it's even easier than the A&P's. The modules are short (takes me less than a week to get through one and that's with a full time job, kid, and prepping for school in a couple of weeks), easy to understand, exams are cake, and I only have to write one paper (as opposed to several throughout the course of a semester, which I had to do with a different psych course in college). I HIGHLY recommend Portage.
  14. by   Nk31
    Hello everyone,

    Can anyone please cast some light on their exam format for psych?

    Thanks in advance.