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In trying to tackle as many of the prerequisites I can in a short amount, I was informed of an online course option that was offered through Geneva College via Portage Learning. I have searched... Read More

  1. by   TXLPC
    Awesome - wish I could double LIKE! I wish there was a forum where Portage students could talk about stuff like this! Glad to know the neuro part is bigger than the rest - I about passed out when I saw how many questions it contained! Fortunately I already know a lot of neuro basics, so maybe it won't be as hard as AP1.
  2. by   TheMB
    I highly recommend portage to everyone they allow you to move as fast as you want I was in a crunch for a class and was able to study a module and test each day and was done the class in 9 days (I did all the labs in a day then the final the next day)
  3. by   TheMB
    @TXLPC yeah the questions at the end closely mirror the sample questions at the end of the module for instance they may ask

    this bone is proximal to this (on the study guide)

    then on the actual test ask: this bone is distal to this bone
  4. by   Jyoti dutta
    I am taking psychology courses on portage. How long it will take to finish? since they have not given any non gradeexam so i was wondering whether questions will be fill in the blanks or mcqs or i need to write theory .can anybody help me?
  5. by   TheMB
    The tests are multiple choice and fill in the blank you have a study module that you do with practice questions at the end then a test that very closely follows that. As far as the time table it depends on how many tests there are I didnt take psych there but for non lab courses you can finish the class in how ever many modules there are because there is a 1 test a day policy.

    You start with a pre test (ungraded) then your modules the pretest and test one can be taken in the same day the other tests including the final exam must be taken on different days so if its set up like this for example

    Pre Test
    Test 1
    Test 2
    Test 3


    Then you could be done in as soon as 11 days
  6. by   Jyoti dutta
  7. by   Saltlife26
    Quote from emmjayy
    I've only taken A&P, Developmental Psych, and Sociology through them. I'm signing up for Micro next week haha! I don't know how challenging that specific course is but I've found their science courses to be easier than the fluff courses like Sociology because the science courses aren't writing-intensive. The tests are multiple-choice, fill in the blank, labeling, etc., and the lab tests are open book. I think the A&P's are really easy as long as you pay attention to the material and answer the questions scattered throughout each module thoroughly, and I imagine it's the same for Micro. It can be time consuming, but it wasn't intellectually challenging for me.
    @emmjayy Hi! I was curious of any of your thoughts on the Micro? Your comments on A&P and Developmental Psych were very helpful, I'm thinking of taking Micro. Thanks!
  8. by   AmyS4
    Hey everyone, I've just signed up for Chemistry through Portage Learning and I need to take the pretest. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to complete? I want to get started as soon as possible but I wonder if I need to set aside an hour or the 3 hours they have limited us to. I just took General Chemistry 2 and ended up getting a 71% which in my school is a C-, a failing grade. I've been accepted into a nursing program contingent on passing this class and they recommended Portage Learning. Thanks in advance!
  9. by   Saltlife26
    @AmyS4 I haven't taken Chemistry, but I'm taking Nutrition. The pre-test for that one was 12 pages, about 1-2 questions per page, made up of multiple choice, matching, and fill in the blank. It allotted 2 hours of time if I remember right.
  10. by   TXLPC
    I'm in Portage chemistry, my 3rd class from there, and the pretest doesn't count for anything so it takes only as much time as it takes to read and click through 9-12 pages of multiple choice. I was clueless so it didn't take long! I'm prepping for 2nd test and would love to know someone else who has done this ahead of me to know how hard the rest are!
  11. by   TXLPC
    By the way, I had to put chemistry aside for the past few months but now am about to start working on it full-time because I need to finish by May 10 or I lose my spot in the program I was accepted into (pretty likely at this point!). Anyone out there want to have a race? The competition would help motivate me! By the way, I use Quizlet cards from user "IM24601" for memorizing lists - they are based on Portage classes. Any other resources anyone knows of would be helpful too!
  12. by   AmyS4
    Does anyone know if you have to answer every test question? I have two that I don't even know where to start...
  13. by   TXLPC
    ONLY TWO you don't know where to start with? On the pretest? Wow! They don't count so just put your best guess and then when you see the results save the answers to study for when you get to that section in the course. Meanwhile I'm just struggling to remember how to SPELL kemistry.