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  1. I started looking to enroll in a Microbiology course only to find that no matter where I look, there is a pre-req. Anyone find an online/DE Microbiology course(transferable to EC) without a pre-req?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Have you tried CLEPing it or challenging it? I know at my school you had to have a general bio (I had to take it anyways to go to the UC) It is real basic biology, stuff you learned in high school...Kreb's Cycle, photosynthesis, reproduction, genetics, evolution etc etc. Most of it was review for me from stuff I learned in high school.
  4. by   MedictoRN
    Colorado Community College offer an online Microbiology that doesn't have a prereq.


    I'm doing it right now. It's a very doable program.
  5. by   clockwatcher
    Thank you both for the replies!

    MedictoRn, which particular Microbiology are you taking? BIO114 (General College Microbiology) has a BIO111 pre-req. It's the only Microbiology I can find at CCConline.

  6. by   MedictoRN

    If they have such a requirement they certainly don't enforce it. I'm in it right now and don't have any previous biology classes.
  7. by   Little Panda RN
    This micro class out of minnesota at northlandcollege.edu does not require a prereq.Here is the outline. Hope this helps I do not know if this will transfer to EC.

    Class Schedule Course Description
    SUBJ NBR SEC CRS ID Title Crd Enr Max Dates Instructor Notes
    BIOL 2221 90 303000351 Microbiology 3 25 25 1.9.06-5.11.06 Kathleen Huschle
    Notes: Login to portal or call 1-800-456-8519.

    Microbiology (3 Credits)
    (Fulfills MNTC Area: 3) Introduction to fundamental theories, principles and methods of microbiology. Structure, effects of physical factors, and inhibition and killing of microorganisms will be studied. Microbial interactions with humans and their immune systems are introduced. The students are familiarized with concepts in environmental microbiology, evolution and microbial species diversity as well as the necessary laboratory techniques needed to study those organisms.


    Credit Breakdown:
    2/1/0 (Lecture/Lab/On the Job Training)

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  8. by   clockwatcher
    Thanks for the replies!

    Here is the link to CCCOnline's syllabus for Microbiology BIO204.


    Here is what it says specifically on the syllabus about pre-reqs:
    Prerequisite: BIO 111 or equivalent, or instructor consent. For more information or to check specific prerequisites at your campus, check with your college advisor.
  9. by   podmates7

    I just registered for ccconline's micro bio204. Mind telling me who you have for an instructor and what the requirements are? I've heard that some had to write 5 page papers in this class. UGH.