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  1. presently taking micro. has anyone strictly adhered to the topics and percentage area breakdown in the exam content guide for micro. if so, how did you fair? am using Torta, and began studying it chapter by chapter. then as usual ,doing things backwards I took a look at the content guide and found they excluded subjects that are in Torta. if I strictly follow the content guide by subject and percentage breakdown of what I should cover i
    would save a lot of time. thanks
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    I only used my chancellor study guide for the microbiology exam. When I took the micro exam, I didn't really know about the concent guides. I only started using them when I took my nursing concepts exams. When I did start using them, the exams covered exactly what was on the content guides.

    Hope this helps in some way.
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    Swampmutt...I am also taking micro now. I have been working through the content outline, point by point and taking notes directly from Tortora. I have to admit there are many things I don't understand!!! I'm about 1/4 of the way through the content outline. Have you heard of any practice tests, or any other resources to help prepare for the test? Any info. anyone can provide would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    I didn't take Micro with EC, but a friend of mine did. I have practice tests and notes that I got from my study groups for her, and she said they were helpful. If any of you need them, PM me with your email address and I will send the attachments to you.