Looking For a College That Offers Distance Education.

  1. Hey everyone, I'm Juliet and new to the forum!

    I am very, very much wanting to go into the nursing field and am trying very hard to get most of my pre-reqs out of the way so that I have a good chance of getting into a college with my transfer credits.

    I was a horrible student in high school and did not have a very good SAT score. I'm not stupid... I just didn't care about my schooling.

    However, I have changed my ways and have already taken two college courses that I love, and got Bs in. I couldn't even remember the last time I had gotten a B in a class where I actually had to work and study.

    My problem is, is that I am stationed overseas in Germany with my parents. That leaves being able to go to a community college out of the question because I have not enough money for an apartment and no driver's license.

    I am looking for an accredited college that offers Distance Education courses completely online so that I can take Anatomy and Physiology or Biology and Chemistry as well as possibly Microbiology.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Here are some colleges where you could do those courses online: Ocean County Community College Ocean County College the Colorado consortium -- CCCOnline Home Page and University of New England University of New England - COM - Online Education - COM Online Education
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    Thank you so much for those links! I'm looking at them right now.
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    Juliet, does University of Maryland still have a campus anywhere in Germany? Or classes? They used to be a great option -- I went to the Munich Campus for two years and my first associates degree many, many years ago, before it closed.
  6. by   PiedPiperRN
    there is an a&p course through western iowa technically community college that is completly online. it is a but pricy, but they require no travel to a site for labs. i took it and thought that it was ok. (i would have prefered to take a real a&p class, or at least a class with some hands on experience, but this was all that i could handle at the time.)


  7. by   dragonflower

    There are many colleges across the US that are now offering distance education where you may be able to "knock off" your prerequisites. I would suggest that you first do all of your gen ed and psych courses, i.e. English Comp, General Psych, Developmental Psych, Sociology, etc. The reason is that nursing schools usually require A&P to be taken within five years of admission - so there is a time limit on this. The gen ed courses generally do not have a time limit and they transfer well to most any school.

    The other problem is that many nursing schools will not accept an on-line Microbiology or A&P class if there was no "lab" component with it. Some science classes are hybrid ones where you go to campus once weekly for the lab, and do the rest of the class online.

    As far as reputable schools there are many, for example Excelsior College and University of Phoenix. Many traditional campuses also offer some online courses.

    Be sure you go to a reputable university that has been around a long time and not a "diploma mill" school.

    If you tackle your education with a new focus and discipline, I'm sure your grades will show potential nursing school admissions committees that you are serious and able to handle the work. Best of luck.