Lisa Arends study guides - page 6

Hello....1st time poster....I have been reading a lot and have found good info here...I am an EC student and still have concepts 3-7 and the cpne left, all else is done....Really worrying about the... Read More

  1. by   Ekeng
    Hi all, where can I buy or downloas Lisa Arends notes?
  2. by   Pixie.RN
    She sells them on eBay.
  3. by   Ekeng
    Thank you so much. I found out yesterday after I posted the question
    but the one for Essentials: Health and Safety practice is not there.
    I saw it in Study Group 101, but I want it in Lisa Arends Study Guides
    before I look any further. Do you know which CD I should buy
    or how I can buy and download it?
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    It is there -- I think she calls it "NURSING ESS 1 & 2" or something like that.
  5. by   Ekeng
    Thank you caffeinated. I trully appreciate you. THANK YOU
  6. by   helicoptergal
    I bought Lisa's study guides. I found them informative and helpful. But I also used a lot of other methods to prepare for the EC exam's. I think it is really important to evaluate your experience level and preparedness for each exam individually. If you rely on someone's notes for everything you may pass all the test's but it may come to haunt you once the CPNE comes. It doesn't make sense when you first learn the nursing theory and care plans and Assess Plan Diagnose Implement and Evaluate may seem easy to memorize and regurgitate on the test, but you must really know what it means and how to apply the concepts to the CPNE if you dont you will fail. Retrospectively I am glad I made use of my text books and different study material, I feel that helped me prepare and successfully pass the CPNE. Good luck to you all.

    Hope things are going awesome with you LUNAH GIRL :-)