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  1. [font=book antiqua]hey i value the opinion of the nurses on this site, and i wanted to share that i just called rue and believe i will sign up with them. the main selling point for me was that they will finance the huge fees excelsior expects. for me on my budget with a husband and 3 kids, i do not have the money laying around to give excelsior. one hundred twenty-five dollars a month is much more feasible for me. i know they are not affiliated with excelsior, and that i have to register with them separately, but rue will pay for that. the outcry about the nursing shortage panic and the overseas outsourcing to get rn's into the us to help makes me wonder why it is made so difficult for someone like me who wants to finish. i have most of my credits done through a university, but had to leave due to knee injury. now time and travel are a major issue, and this seems to be a feasible way to go. like i said, i value the opinion of the nurses on this site, and taking my circumstances into consideration, what info do you think i need?
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  3. by   Lorie P.
    Make sure you read the fine print. $125.00 amonth for 6 years= about $9,000.00 !! Excelsior has payment plans now for around the same amount or maybe about 20.00 more. Plus Excelsior has payment plans for exams.

    Go to www.excelsior.edu and check them out.

    What ever you decide, best of luck!!

    Also go check out the Rue threads on this site.
  4. by   elkpark
    Have you reviewed the many older threads here about RUE? If you haven't done so, it would be well worth your time before you make a commitment. Many people are unhappy with their experience with them. Once you have signed the contract, you will find it virtually impossible to get out of if you change your mind.
  5. by   Southernurse
    [font=book antiqua]see, i am somewhat confused. i read a few threads (one link went nowhere) and naturally there were conflicting opinions as to what was worthwhile. my schedule along with my husband's prevents me from doing a normal school day. i need to be home when my children's school day ends, and my husband works after school until midnight. we only have one car right now, and even though i only have a few months left...you know what? i need to stop making excuses for not finishing a few months of school. i was supposed to have graduated in may 2007. darned knee! rue seemed so promising due to the financial setup, but between sallie mae and the fafsa, i can get the semester and a half covered that i need. aaaaaaaahh ......to go nuts. who has some sanity to share with me? the closest college here wants me to go before a committee after pledging a letter of intent, because i am a transfer student. same state, but they have "different" requirements (pooh pooh on you). i may not have all that they require. close to me also is nc, and the license i have is multistate and covers nc, but i will be a non-carolinian and pay non-carolinian tuition. god help me why is it so difficult to finish??? i can't be the only one.....nursing shortage......:trout: