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I'm looking into an RN to BSN online program! I have applied to Jacksonville university and I was wondering if anyone who is in the program or is going to be has any advice and likes the program??... Read More

  1. by   Heartlite
    I am starting August 26, any advice? What was your first class?
  2. by   TerpGal02
    My advice is DO NOT take Evidence Based Practice and Health Assessment for the Practicing Nurse together. That was seriously 8 weeks of hell
  3. by   Heartlite
    Yikes...can you shed a little light into why not?
  4. by   koloa27
    I am getting ready to register for classes and wondered if you could clarify about the evidence based nursing and the assessment class. Is one harder than the other? Just wondering if one would be better to take with professional nursing. Is professional nursing a less challenging class? Thanks! Any input would be really appreciated!
  5. by   jjPedsRN
    Koloa27, are you already enrolled at JU online? Or just getting started?
  6. by   koloa27
    Hi! I just started in March. I am currently enrolled in 2 classes. Are you enrolled or thinking of going?
  7. by   jjPedsRN
    I am not officially enrolled but my start date is April 28th I am awaiting financial aid. They sent me the classes to start off with but not sure I want to do 2 at a time. I work full time and have kids too.
  8. by   koloa27
    I wouldn't want to do 2 at a time and work also. I plan on dropping down to 1 class next semester if I have a job by then. Let me know if you need anything!
  9. by   jjPedsRN
    Thank you! Maybe its the same 2 classes they start everyone out with....
  10. by   RN_MEDIC
    I'm currently taking Evidence based practice and Health assessment. From what I can see, week 7 is packed with many assignments, and students should probably work a week ahead of time. Evidence based practice centralizes around one 10-12 page assignment and it's due week 7 (There are 3 or 4 smaller assignments on the same concept as the 10-12 page assignment, these are due throughout the 8 week session). Informatics and professional nursing were easy to take together, it is expected with any program that the courses become harder as students progress. I'll try and post by the end of the session how both these classes went.

    Is there anyone who has taken both classes together before and can give additional insight?
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  11. by   Amy'sGrandbaby
    Would some of you update us on how you are doing at JU? BSN and MSN programs please!
  12. by   Heartlite
    Just graduated June 22nd!!!
  13. by   Amy'sGrandbaby
    Congratulations. Please share with us your experience at Jacksonville Univ....The support of instructors, amount of work, grading, any group work? Thanks! Again Congrats.