Is Wisconsin Oskosh the only place for Acc BSN online?

  1. Is Wisconsin Oskosh the only place for Accelerated BSN online? Someone please post other options.

    My main issues with them is that they require gen and bio chem (which I would like to take from a post bac pre med program). They do not allow you to transfer/take classes with labs online or at a distance. Lastly the program is $29,500 which I am also not opposed to but kind of high imo.
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  3. by   Bunny Bear
    I completed the online RN-BSN program through The University of Wyoming in 2004. It took me about a year and a half while working full time. I was able to complete the clinical component (one semester) in my home town with a preceptor.

    The instructors were incredible and worked very closely with the students. They went above and beyond anything I could have imagined. It was actually a much better experience than my ADN program.

    I do not remember the exact cost of the program, but it was certainly much less than $29,500.

    Good luck in your search!
  4. by   bbfreak
    Thanks bunny. My bad though I forgot to post that I do not have an RN. I have a b.a. in business admin and the nursing pre reqs and am looking to get my bsn or a direct entry msn online. I emailed U of Wisconsin Oshkosh and they said they are not the only program in the nation with this degree plan but the lady who knows the other schools was gone.. just trying to get other schools from the board.
  5. by   dodo102
    i want also to apply to U of oshkosh...but i want to have a large view of other college online acc. bsn for non nursing student....i have a BA in economy ans all the requiement for an entrance in a BSN OR MSN online because i have a full time job....IF U HAVE OTHER ONLINE SCHOOLS PLEASE LET ME KNOW...Thanks
  6. by   jonesLL
    Indiana State University/Sonoma State in No. California have just joined forces for an accelerated LVN to BSN program. I am at the start of this process. It is all online until the preceptorship and you enroll at Sonoma through their Nursing Dept. they arrange for all your needed clinicals to sit for the boards. LLJones
  7. by   dodo102
    thanks Jones for your reply but we looking for an accelerated second degree program meaning we have BA in a non nursing field and we looking for an Rn or BSN... for someone who isnt LVN-LPN-AS RN and so on.....if you know a accredit. online school please came back to us..
    thanks we still looking
  8. by   sunnyjohn
    I've done extensive, research on this topic.

    Oshkosh is the only online online shcool I've found for folks a previous non-nursing Bachelor's (with no LPN, medic or MA) to get a BSN.

    .... and it is less expensive than Deconness and Excelsior. Getting a traditional BSN costs most students around the same.

    The trade off for relative flexability is often a larger price tag. Apply for scholarships and contact your local hospital UW-Oshkosh assigns you to for clinicals to see if they will offer to pay if you sign a commitment bonus.

    I would also suggest some of you consider a direct-entry Masters program. Even though the one I have in mind is not online, it is only 15 months (May-August) long. 95% of the students qualify for financial aid (loans, scholarships) big enough to cover the tuition AND all living expenses.
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  9. by   dodo102
    what school are you talking u know any school like UW- oshkosh?
  10. by   maddenkim
    I would love any information regarding any online 2nd degree nursing programs. I currently reside overseas and finishing my prerequisites for a nursing program.

    I just found their program and it is very intriguing, has anyone gone through the program at University of Wisconsin?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to petition for your distance learning science course to be accepted into this program?