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Still can't believe it. I passed with NO repeats! Grady is a GREAT site!!!... The CAs (we had two, one Fri and the one on the weekend)and CEs want you to pass. I was finished at 10AM today, and one... Read More

  1. by   Cdavila
    GOOD JOB!!!
  2. by   BeachCathyRN
  3. by   techiediva2010
    Congrats! Did you ask for Grady? I live in the Metro Atlanta area. I actually work at one of the testing sites in another department. How long did you have to wait for between applying and attending?

    Again, congrats!
  4. by   FocusRN
    Thanks again y'all.

    Techie, I actually applied for NPAC sometime in September think, all of my stuff was submitted online the same day. Then the next week I decided that I really didn't want to travel that far, so I called SPAC and spoke with Stephanie I think, and asked what they had available.She had dates in October, November, and December at SRMC and Grady, and I choose the early date in December. Even though SPAC is supposed to have a long wait, I think that if you call every few days you will be able to get a cancellation in a reasonable amount of time. So I waited about 3 months from applying to attending, but remember I could have chosen dates in October or November, had I choose to, so it could have been as short as a month.

    And like I said before, Grady really was a great place to test, so if you get the chance go for it. Use Rob's AOC (you really don't need to buy the video, as long as you ready EC's study guide, but his mnemonics are good), practice your labs a few times according to EC's study guide, use Acute pain as priority and Risk for Injury r/t altered mobility as much as possible, and document.
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    congrats gn...yay!!!
  6. by   FocusRN