I have started the College Network....and...

  1. so far so good! I think if you are determined it will work for you! I do not have the time to scavange around for EC approved reference materials. I spoke with them before I enrolled and they told me they send out a list of books for you to find for particular class. Getting the material is your responsibility with their distance learning program I have been told. TCN seem to eliminate the "middle man". Just my humble opinion!
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  3. by   Broombug
    I thought TCN was the "middle man". You can get all your materials straight from Excelsior without going anywhere else. If you want extra materials you need a publishing company like TCN which costs extra money.
  4. by   jonesLL
    I just signed up with Collegee Network also. The program is through Indiana State/Sonoma State, LVN to BSN. I am very excited about this opportunity, and a little anxious. I have numerous friends that went through College Network and Excelsior College prior to its withdrawal. You have to be very motivated and self-driven. I can do this? LLJones
  5. by   laizure
    Beware, it has been confirmed that the LVN to BSN course offered by Indiania State University and Sonoma State University is still pending with the California Board of Registered Nurses. The board is to vote on approval/denial of the program on Feb 16th, 2007.

    Has anyone heard any other official information from the BRN about this program. It would be a real shame if the College network is taking advantage of this.

    Also, there is no official listings on either Indiana State or Sonoma state websites that I can find. It makes me wonder if this is really a fishy marketing campaign from the college network.

    Someone correct me with some more information and the I can verify!
  6. by   Mudwoman
    You do not enroll in the College Network. You buy their published study materials and you enroll in an actual college such as Excelsior or Indiana State for credit and a degree. The College Network does NOT issue a degree of any kind.
  7. by   laizure
    Yes, that sounds correct. With the College network out of the picture, I wanted to make it clear that the program offered by Indiana State/Sonoma State is still not approved in the State of California. The college network can sell there books all they want, however, it doesn't make a bit of difference unless the program is approved by the BRN in CA.
  8. by   jonesLL
    Thank you for the reply. I am aware of College Network is for modules only. I am enrolled at Indiana State/Sonoma State for their LVN to BSN accelerated program. The bridge programs here in Northern Ca. have waiting lists of up to 2 years. When I heard of this possibility I jumped on it. LJones
  9. by   laizure
    Did you get anything official from the State of California about approval of the program? The way it seems to me right now is that everyone is just working on these modules be it from the College Network or CLEP. However, because of the uniquie situation here in California the Indiana State/Sonoma State program which is still pending approval from the CA State Board of Nursing may be no good in that situation. The board in CA is set to vote yes or no on the program in 2 days. Lets hope it is approved or you will be using your CLEPs at some other college.
  10. by   tarkuh
    i need feedback from anyone who is currently doing college network. i signed up recently and i have not started yet. as soon as i am done with my classes with community college, then i will focus on reading the study material. does anyone find this easy or hard. let me know, 'ya all. thanks.
  11. by   jonesLL
    I have also just started College Network and just faxed transcripts to Indiana State for evaluation. I work with another LVN that has been going through this route. You must be disciplined, focused and driven. I am trying to schedule specific study times and setting timed goals for each section. So far so good. It is very hard with working, family, and other responsibilities that pop up. There are times when my 10 minute break is to go scrub a toilet, fix dinner,or laundry. What a life!
  12. by   Lorie P.
    So a word of advice, the same Nursing Fundalmentals book that you used for LPN school will actually help with the Excelsior NC test. Remember that basic nursing skills are the same, not matter if you are a LPnn or Rn, the foley, Ngt etc all go in the seam way.
    I have a very good frined who is going through Uinveristy of Phoenix for her MSN and she is using her old Rn school books for the fundamentals, she says that not much has really changed and that there are usually just changes with the drugs and such.
    Remember and I have viewed many books and they all say the same;
    K+ 3.5-5.0
    Na 135-145, this type of stuff is basic nursing info.
    As a matter of fact the tech college I went through for LPN uses the same Fundamentals book that the Rn's use in the local college for their ADN.
    Just thought I would lend my 0.2 worth
  13. by   tarkuh
    Thanks for the reply JonesLL. I've been waiting for this kind of program so I could still work full time while in school. I guess we are just in the same phase--just started. Hopefully we all get it done and get our RN/BSN degree. That will be so awesome. Good luck to all of us!
  14. by   jonesLL
    tarkuh of Ventura, are you going to enroll in Indiana State and Sonoma Univ. for you clinicals?