I did it!

  1. I finally turned in my app for the online Masters in Nursing program at Liberty U..

    Now the nail biting starts to see if I get accepted...... Oh and to find the $$$$$$$$!

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  3. by   donsterRN
    Wishing you much luck and success!!! Let us know what happens, yes?
  4. by   Eager2bRN
    Alright! You're on your way. I'll say a special prayer for you.
  5. by   fgoff
    Thanks, I will need those prayer!! I knew I could/would get support here!

    God bless you all!
  6. by   nicolentony
    Contgrats and keep us posted how it's going! That's awesome!
  7. by   attyrn
    prepare!!!!!and goodluck!!!!
  8. by   fgoff
    I just got my acceptance yesterday!!!!! Start Oct 22!:hatparty:

    Does anyone have an opinion as to what course I should start with???

    Nursing Policy
    Health Promotions
    Adv Pharm
    Adv Patho
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  9. by   MsPiggy
    Congrats!! Keep us posted on how you're doing
  10. by   Itshamrtym
    Good Luck to you!!!!!! Found this thread after I p.m. 'd you about LU
    Wooo hooooo..... happy studying....
  11. by   fgoff
    I just fisnished my 2nd course. 1st was A&P , 2nd Research did great in both... I'm on my way.
    I'll start. Pharm on the 17th. There are so many papers. I hate APA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. by   SassieRN
    I saw in another post you are in Liberty University's Program? How is/did it go? Can you provide me some insite as it would be greatly appreciated. I just got accepted. Thank you!
  13. by   cfaith
    Sorry this is so late. I lost log in and finally just re-created myself as cfaith.
    I graduates in May 2010!!! The classes got "easier" as you learned the basics built on them as well as got in the grove of online study. You also get to know your classmates as you will find yourself tracking with along with other students from all over the world.. Great networking. I'm still email buddies with many classmates. If you have specific questions email me.
  14. by   nursjoy
    Congrats on your Accomplishments, Cfaith!

    I'm very interested in the program you finished.

    How may I contact you with specific questions?