How soon after CPNE can you take NCLEX?

  1. Does anyone know? Or I suppose a better question is, how long until Excelsior considers you "graduated" so you can take the NCLEX?

    Thanks in advance for any input!
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  3. by   Mudwoman
    I can only tell you what I understand I have to do. I had to send a request to my state BON for a RN application package. They require an extensive background check that takes 2-4 months to get back. I sent that off the first week of March. I took CPNE Mar 23-25. They told me that it takes 4-6 weeks for them to update my records and give me a graduation date. When they update my records, they will notify me. If I have everything filled out on my state BON application and I have my background check, then I send all of that to EC and they sign my application and they provide proof of graduation and EC sends my application to the state BON. Once the BON gets the package, they process it and they notify Pearson that I'm eligible to take the NCLEX. As soon as I send my BON package to EC, I am advised to register and pay Pearson to take the NCLEX. Once Pearson is notified by the BON that I'm eligible, Peason will notify me and I can set a date to test. Once my BON processes my application and notifies Pearson, they will issue me a temporary RN license that is good for 90 days. I figure I will be able to test in July.
  4. by   EricJRN
    My timeline:

    Passed CPNE in early Nov '05, had some outstanding paperwork (my fault) and not considered completed till mid Dec '05, considered graduated mid-Jan '06, took NCLEX second week of Feb '06.

    Luckily, for GN permits in Texas, the board allows EC grads to use the completion date, so I got my GN paperwork in time to start my NICU internship in mid-Jan '06.
  5. by   Boston-RN
    It depends somewhat in your BON if they go by completion of graduation requirements or actual graduation from program....I think EC has a state board contact person that would be able to tell you the BON requirements and EC processing time
  6. by   FEELYRN
    Hey thanks everyone, very helpful info
  7. by   anticoagulationurse
    It was 8 weeks for me from CPNE pass to NCLEX and that was as quick as it would go, believe me, I was in a hurry. Six weeks for Excelsior to process graduation stuff and another 2 weeks after that for the soonest NCLEX test date.