How long to get RN?

  1. I was wandering aproximately how long it takes to complete the excelsior program? Or actually how short? What is a realistic time frame that this can be completed in? Thanks!
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  3. by   nurse1717
    First off, do you work? Full time? Children? How much time can you devote to studying a day? The answer will vary significantly I think.
    After prerequisites have been fulfilled, there are nursing concepts 1-7, then a clinical exam, then the NCLEX. You may already know this.
    Depending on your background, and largely on how motivated you are, I've heard some complete the program (nursing concepts portion) in a few months. Right now, the wait for (the clinical CPNE) is approx. 6 months from time of application receipt!
    For others, like myself, it's taken about 5 years. I've moved 3 times, over 2,000 miles and have 3 kids ontop of maintaining some kind of nursing work throughout as an LVN/LPN.
    Hope this helps you a bit.
  4. by   LucasRN
    one thing I wish someone had told me when I started the program was to get the nursing concepts exams out of the way first, then you can focus on whatever general ed exams you have left while waiting at least 6 months for a cpne date! good luck !!!
  5. by   anticoagulationurse
    I second ChrisRN's suggestion. Just hack away at the nursing concepts and get em done. Since you'll bewaiting forever to take the darn CPNE it is a good time to get your other credits done. The reason is, you have to have all the Nursing Concepts exams done (or 1-6 I think,check with EC) before even applying for the CPNE.
  6. by   tgb3rn
    I worked two full time jobs, 6- 12 hour shifts a week. I have 3 kids. The wife is in LPN school full time. I finished the program in about 20 months. I would have done it faster but didn't have the cash at times to pay for the exam fee.
    As others have said, it all depends on you and your situation. I know you can take more than one test a day, I did NC6 and foundations (NC7) the same day, one right after the other.
    Good Luck
  7. by   Mudwoman
    Allow about 40-80 hours of actual study time for each of the NC 1-7 exams and at least 100 hours (I'm up to about 200 hours and not done) for the CPNE. Then allow for work, family, life and all the things that you can't predict.