How DO you study (CPNE)?

  1. OK so I'm a good 12-18 months away from my CPNE, but I need to organize this in my head and be sure I can do it before enrolling.

    How DO you study for your CPNE -- if you are NOT a nurse or "currently" in a clinical type job? I may be a long time out of school, but I can't think of anything that I did in clinicals in school that I couldn't reproduce now. But I never inserted a catheter, and who knows what else I didn't do those last 6 months?

    I know I'll save the workshop for when I'm ready, but do others have experience with the other workshops -- Chancellor's for example? I don't intend to buy their guides (not new anyway, I find the idea of tapes appealing) but I am sure I need some refresher learning going on with skills.

    I plan on moving from unit clerk to nursing aide in 7-9 months, the aides here learn wound care and cath care, I figure that will help. And I should be able to take the IV course as well at the college, it specifies health care professionals and students.

    But how DO you study? I can take vitals on my family but how else does one "practice" skills? What is needed as far as hands-on goes? I'm not worried about the non-hands on stuff.

    I'm still looking for links.
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  3. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    Would you please explain to me what a CPNE is and stands for? I am not familiar with that term.


  4. by   angelbear
    I have heard that alot of people set up a sort of clinical lab in a room in their house and use the video to guide them. The video's are widely available. Once they are set up in their clinical room at home they practice constantly until it is like second nature to them. Lots of hints and advice at yahoo's rnstudy group all ya do is go to yahoo home page click on groups and type in rnstudy group then click on join this group. It is an excellent site tons of stuff there. Also Spazzy here is a great source of info and support. Hope that helps Angelbear
  5. by   Spazzy Nurse
    You're smart to be transitioning into a CNA position. Personally I do feel that CNA experience does help a person during their CPNE. When I was assigned a complete bed bath I did it in a snap, thanks to my early years of working with those fabulous elderly people. Gotta weigh someone--- bam. CNAs are pros at that. Someone with a paramedic background may be a little fretful when it comes to doing skills like that. (But give a paramedic an IV push med and watch them go to town! hehe)

    Angelbear --- the smart little thang that she is --- was very correct in directing you to other boards to use in addition to this one. You'll see posts from other people who may be in or have been in the same situation you are. They can help give you advice on how they got practice with learning skills.

    Plus, (I say this all the time so sorry if you're sick of me saying this) I think it's good to start reading up on CPNE experiences and what people have to say about it early on...... that way it isn't as unfamiliar to you when your time comes. Don't completely dwell on it from the start, but do get familiar with it. When I was just starting out with my nursing exams, I would literally get a sick feeling in my stomach just at the thought of the CPNE. Over time I had read experiences and tons of posts regarding CPNE content, and when it came time to finish up my last course before I started getting ready for my CPNE, I couldn't even concentrate..... I was SO EXCITED to start working on the CPNE material I just couldn't wait any longer.

    Preparing for it was probably the most stressful thing I went through ~~ much more stressful than the actual 3 day weekend. But it was also a challenge like I had never been up against before, and it was exciting.

    Out of curiosity, what kind of experience to you have?
  6. by   healthyone
    i used a fabric doll for pretty much all my skills. then when i got comfortable with that, i used my mom. there was a big difference! but i'm still glad i got started with the doll because i could practise whenever i wanted, whereever i wanted, and whatever skills i wanted. got me used to the whole routine of giving care the 'EC' way and within a reasonable timeframe. i worked up to doing about 6-8 areas of care including the basic vitals, fluid, and mobility and then tried to do various combinations of the others. including changing iv bags, sterile dressings and yes..even tube feeds. Ha!

    when i finally got to cpne i felt ready. i mean nothing can 100% prepare you for that experience but i came pretty damn close. got all my supplies from the hospital and made a make-shift treatment room at home.

    passed cpne with no repeat pts and only 1 repeat lab.

    you sound very committed to this and know you can do this!! i too, was not an lpn, but another type of acute care health professional with hospital exposure. get that hosp experience, even if it's a simple as being in the environment. even as a care volunteer. that would really help.

    chancellor's lab was great--well worth the money.

    good luck.

    pm me if you need more info