HELP???passing a/p

  1. I am new to site and am in need of some advice for passing EC a/p exam. need some more advice as already bought practice exams and in need for more material. how does one study so much information.

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  3. by   MusicNurseCarrlee
    The A& P Exam covers a lot of material-I used Cliffs Notes, materials from EBay(search Excelsior College),A&P for Dummies,an NCLEX review book & an A&P textbook(pictures helped)-know your systems-their basic structure,how they work & relate to each other
    I studied 1-2hrs/day,about 6 weeks-you are not expected to know everything,try to keep it in perspective
    Best of luck to you
  4. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site, Nicole. Good luck on your upcoming exam. Let us know how things go.
  5. by   rehab nurse
    hello there,

    ec's a&p exam was the first i took. i figured if i could pass it for 6 credits, i could do the rest of the program. i passed the exam with an A. i about fell out of my chair when i saw that pop on the!

    i did study a lot. i used my LPN a&p book, found some study notes online, and got a list of 100 things to know for a&p, which helped some. i really didn't concentrate on anatomy, like learning every muscle, etc. my exam was way more physiology than anything.

    i can look to see if i have some of my notes, i'm sure i do, i have saved everything i had. i'm a packrat. if you are interested, i will share my stuff and help you. just pm me, i'll be glad to help you.
  6. by   Spazzy Nurse
    I also used the A&P Cliff's Notes. I thought they were a great study tool.

    It's a tough exam but passable. Good luck to you!
  7. by   barbiedee
    I am glad to know you purchased the Excelsior practice exams for A&P. That was a big help to me. I also went to some of the Yahoo/Excelsior College sites and downloaded a bunch of practice exams. You can also find "100 things to know" type notes for A&P also. Most of the Yahoo sites require permission to join, so it may take a few days before you can do this. It took me a LONG time to complete this course (months...and months..and months) ...longer than any other EC course, and that was studying 2 hours a day, minimum. Hats off to anyone who can do it faster. Six weeks is incredible! I think A&P and Microbi were the two hardest and longest courses. I have a HUGE file of notes for A&P if you would like them, PM me. Good luck!