Fort Hays State University Virtual

  1. Hi,

    I just got accepted to their virtual college. I'm excited but just want to know from anyone who is currently there:

    How are the courses?
    Is Blackboard easy to navigate?
    Are the professors helpful?
    How easy is it to be admitted to the RN-BSN program once the required pre-reqs are completed?

    Feel free to offer any other info that you think will be helpful. Thank you!
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  3. by   ERnurse71
    Hi! Welcome! I am. Currently enrolled in their RN-BSN courses. After completing my stats class this summer I will apply for the actual BSN program. So far so good. Bb is pretty easy to navigate... Iv been taking 3-4 courses a semester while working 2 jobs with 2 kiddos so I think it is manageable. Let me know if I can help with anything else.
  4. by   Laurab14
    I got my BSN through FHSU and loved it. Thought everything was very doable.
  5. by   Sablegirl
    Hi ERnurse71, I also got accepted into the FHSU but I have to do statistics,patho I & II and the nursing prerequisites (Foundations and Transition) before I could apply for me it will be after Spring 2017. I am concern if I could handle the Statistics, Patho I and Foundations of Nursing (7 cr. hrs) for the coming fall semester. You said you have finished Statistics, how was your experience with that and how was your experience with Patho I? Is my plan doable (since I also work 3 12-hour noc shifts, although I don't have any kiddos to take care of)? I want to be able to take about 6-7 cr hours each semester and 5 in the summers. I have to take 32 cr hours to graduate. Can you give me some ideas on how the Statistics class flow--I not that good in Math so I am a little intimidated taking it online (any input will be highly appreciated).
  6. by   Sablegirl
    Hi Laurab14,
    How many units did you take each semester and were you a working nurse when you were pursuing your BSN at FHSU? Are you planning to get your MSN? If so, are you going to FHSU again for your masters?