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I passed my CPNE in Savannah in early April. Anyone that needs help, send me an email and I will respond. I know first hand, that any help is appreciated when taking the CPNE.... Read More

  1. by   caliotter3
    Quote from fprp1223
    I'm taking my cpne in savannah on 8/6! Any advice??

    Pray earnestly and hard.
  2. by   mjm1979
    I am considering Excelsior's program... but the thing that might just hold me back is the CPNE. Just thinking of it scares me to death. I'd like to know what happens when they fail you. If you mess up on something do they take off points and at the end of the day if you've missed to many points you are failed for the whole day? Or is it more of if you make a mistake on one area you flunk that area? Do you have to re-schedule to repeat the whole day or just the part you failed? How many total attempts do you get? If you fail all of your attempts are you just released from the program or is here a 'refresher course' or a certain class you have to repeat? thanks!
  3. by   Pixie.RN
    You have a total of three CPNE attempts. If you fail all three, you're dismissed from the program. There are no point deductions, and the entire weekend is pass/fail. You can repeat certain parts (labs and adult and pediatric Patient Care Situations [PCSs]) once each. I posted a description of the CPNE here:

    ISU VS. Excelsior - Page 2- Nursing for Nurses
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    Quote from acelawler
    I passed my CPNE in Savannah in early April. Anyone that needs help, send me an email and I will respond. I know first hand, that any help is appreciated when taking the CPNE.
    Hi I'm testing in Savannah Ga 8/6. Any information on the test site would be greatly appreciated!

  5. by   acelawler
    Hopefully you noticed that I just passed my NCLEX 7-7-10.First advice,do everything exaggerated. What I mean, tell the Graders what you are doing, wash your hands infront of them, count outloud each pulse, breath, bowel sound. Next, in no way, violate any hospital policy. It is a failure on the spot. I saw student fail 5 seconds into a PCS, to include myself. One did not knock on pts door before entering. I asked questions of the patient before I reviewed her armband. Wash hand, wash hands, wash hands. Use the time and a yellow highlighter to mark everything on your student responce form that must be filled in, that way, you can review easily before you turn it in for missing items. Link your care plan ( Nursing problems) to a assigned area, might as well use something you already have to use. The Hospital is nice, the staff were great, the excelsior staff were good yet a few instructers have sort of a flat affect. Many students fail the SIMS LAB. Nerves got the best of them. I failed the dressing change the first time because they said I contaminated my glove. I did not think so, but what can you do? The DVD that shows the CPNE is exactly like the real test. I got mine on ebay real cheap. My true secret, for me, to pass was using the mental reminders, most people call Grids,like TIME-C ( Temp/Integrity/Moisture/Edema/Color ) for skin eval. I wrote each one down as soon as I got my Student response Form an it saved me from missing a step... even had to go back to a pts room once because I realized I forgot one when reviewing the Grid.
  6. by   camartinez
    Please help I am scheduled on Aug. 10th 2012, need your advice. I am not getting go vibes from students that tested there.
  7. by   NC Girl BSN
    Relax and don't worry about other students. You have all walks of life doing Excelsior. As long as you go in prepared and know your critical elements, documentation and skills, you have a good chance at being successful.
  8. by   Caribbean LPN
    @ camartinez... i'm testing there too on 8/10/12. im not getting much info either.