EC grad endorsement??

  1. Hello-
    I don't want this to turn into a big debate, but I just wanted to know if anyone can tell me what states will NOT accept Excelsior ADN IF I am endorsing from another state (Ohio)?
    I already know about CA, and I know that some states require so much time working and some require clinical hours etc. but what states, if any, other than CA will say absolutley not about endorsing from another state? I know that maybe IL is like that too.
    I am going to be getting licensed in OH but a family illness might take to another state, (I'm not sure where).
    I know this has been addressed a ton but I had never seen it asked regarding endorsing from another state, if I missed it I am very sorry for stirring up the hornet's nest!
    Any info is really appreciated

    God Bless
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  3. by   medicrnohio
    I have been able to endorse in Michigan from Ohio with no problems. My suggestion is that you email the state boards office at Excelsior. The lady who runs the office can send you info that it specific to your background on what states you may have problems with. I think the email is She will be happy to give an EC grad help with endorsing into other states. Good luck!
  4. by   LuvWounds
    Thank you for your inquiry and application to Excelsior College. As an active duty military member, you are eligible to take all of the general education examinations as well as the nursing concepts exams prior to enrollment. You must be enrolled to be eligible to sign up for and take the clinical.
    The enrollment fee is a one time fee paid at the time of enrollment. If you do not complete the degree within one year of enrollment, an annual fee of $450 is due for the 2nd year and each additional year you need to complete your degree.
    Free content guides for all of the general education exams and for Nursing Concepts I and II are available to download or to mail to students wanting them. Content guides for Nursing Concepts III, IV, V, VI and Nursing
    Concepts: Foundations of Professional Practice are only available to enrolled students. However, you may purchase any of the books required for any of our examinations from our online bookstore at any time whether you are enrolled or not.
    Once you complete your ADN degree with Excelsior College, you would be eligible to sit for the RN state boards in most states. Please beware that there are a few state boards that require that you first be a Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nursing (LPN/LVN) to sit for the RN state boards if you earn an Excelsior College degree in nursing. These states are Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Washington State. There are also a few states that will not allow you to take the RN boards but will allow you to endorse your license in to that state if you get your RN license in another state. These states are Georgia (can endorse in immediately) , North Dakota (can endorse after completion of 400 hours of clinical practice), Vermont (can endorse after completion of 480 hours of clinical practice as a registered nurse), Arizona - after 9/1/06 (can endorse after 960 hours of clinical practice as a registered nurse), Kansas (can endorse after 6 months and 1000 hours of RN work experience), Colorado (can endorse after 2000 hours of clinical practice or 1 year) and Illinois (can endorse in after 2 years). Although the state of California will allow LVN's who graduate with an ADN degree from Excelsior College to apply for endorsement, our students are accepted on a case by case basis. It is best to contact the California State Boards regarding endorsement from another state into California. The state of Maryland is not accepting our students to take the state RN-NCLEX examination nor to endorse in.
    I hope this information is helpful to you. If you need further assistance, please contact us again or call our toll free number at 1-888-647-2388 ext.
    Linda Anagnostopulos
    Admissions Counselor
    I have recently appied for admission to the school. My question is how many and which classes am I allowed to take before I am required to enroll.
    Also is the enrollment fee applied to tution every year or is it a one time fee. Will I be able to get the exam guides before I become an "enrolled"
    student or will I be able to get the solely based on my admiisiion to the nursing prograam. Can you give me the names of any states that you are aware of that doesn't accept your school other than MD and CA. Thank you in advance for taking the time out of your day yo answer my question.