Dominguez Hills CNS?

  1. Hi there everyone,
    I'm curious to see if anyone out there has any experience with CSU Dominguez Hills. They have online nursing degrees ranging from bachelor's to master's, (including clinicals), one of which is the CNS.
    Does anyone have any opinions or any experience with this particular university, or opinions on getting the CNS at this university?
    Has anyone out there heard anything about this program?
    Are there differences between universities as far as where you get your CNS, or is a degree a degree, much like the RN?

    Any experience or opinions on this subject would be most appreciated!
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  3. by   JaneyW
    I am currently about half way through my MSN at Dominguez Hills. I am pretty happy with the program--esp with the cost! I am in the educator track, but the first part is generic for all graduate students. There isn't much interaction, and a couple of the teachers have been a little non-responsive, but that is not the norm. I have been very excited to learn so much more about nursing as a profession.

    There is a TON of writing. I am a good writer, but find it a bit painful. That's one of the things that attracted me to CSUDH--no thesis! They have a comprehensive exam. I am recommending it.
  4. by   Myethpio
    OH! I hope you don't mind but I'm going to PM you a few questions when I have a bit more time... I'm so glad you responded!! Thank you!
  5. by   pickledpepperRN

    It is so good to read you plan to educate.

    I know a professor in a mostly on-line RN to BSN program that leads to a Public Health Certificate.

    It has a reputation as a fine university.
  6. by   peds4now
    My CC nursing program administrator is recommending this program to all the students. I have a B.A. and will soon be an RN. I just have to take statistics (why didn't I do that while waiting to get into nursing school!), then I intend to apply. CSUDH has a phone workshop you do to get a personalized educational plan for your goal. Sounds good, cheap.

    How do clinicals work? Just through your work?
  7. by   JaneyW
    If you live anywhere near the campus, I would recommend going to the workshop in person. I also very highly recommend you attend the orientation. It is a one day meeting and it is very valuable. I found the info about using the on-line library has saved me hours of time. I suppose you could do clinicals through your own work, but I am branching out to make contacts and get some different perspectives. Plus my facility obviously doesn't do public health and I don't want to do the management part at my own place either. I guess I feel I know how my own place works and want to know more about what is around me.

    CSUDH is cheap anough to pay as you go. I haven't needed loans and still am able to work enough, though I don't recommend working full-time. I think the whole thing will cost around $10,000 plus books. There are state and federal grants for future educators that I can apply for once I reach my role-option courses at the end that I hope will pay for most of it retroactively. Maybe I'll buy a new car to drive to my teaching job? It's worth it to not go into debt. I have children set to go to college soon that will take care of that for me!
  8. by   goingback
    JaneyW--you mentioned about the workshops and information sessions for CSUDH. I am still waiting to hear if I am accepted to the program. How do I find out the information like how to use blackboard, online library, how to fulfill requirements....(The information sessions have all passed--I hope they will have more offered before fall.

    Any tips on how to work within the CSUDH system? I am still waiting to see if I have been accepted. I'm frustrated because it takes so long for them to register my transcripts. There shouldn't be any reason for me not be accepted. I'm planning to take a class through open university this summer to get a jump start on things. Any tips or feedback welcomed.
  9. by   Myethpio
    JaneyW, how is your MSN going? which APN degree are you going for again?

    I'm half way now, about to start clinicals

    As far as CSUDH, they also have grants which are nice, on top of financial aid.

    I have always worked on blackboard. Getting to know this program is really fundamental, although I just learned how to use it as I went.
    Also, you should be able to get coursework done via extensions before getting admitted for whichever semester you applied to. Just be careful, not sure if these classes are considered "transfers in" like any other university, and there's a limit to how many you can take...

    Much luck!
  10. by   JaneyW
    Hi guys! I am ALMOST DONE!!! I am in the educator track and will be starting role option in the fall. I'll be student teaching at a local junior college and am very excited about it. It has gone well. I am being inducted into Sigma Theta Tau next week--a personal goal. Which are you doing, myethpio?

    Goingback- call the nursing department office and ask about when they are having orientation for the fall. It is at orientation that you will learn all of the things you are asking. It is a good idea to attend. They are very nice and easy to talk to on the phone. I always get a real person and quite often I am able to speak directly with the person I need--even the director. I have had professors call me at home to help me as well. I have found it to be a very friendly program.
  11. by   Myethpio
    parent-child CNS, I'm also starting the role option in the fall! Yay!
  12. by   goingback
    JaneyW I got accepted to CSUDH. I took msn 502 this summer. Can you give me any tips on courses that are good to take together? I was thinking of taking msn 510 and heard it has lots of papers what would be a good course to take with it?

    How many units (classes) have you taken each semester and find manageable with work and family?
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  13. by   JaneyW
    Good for you, goingback! My main advice is to not procrastinate. The work is doable--even in the shorter sessions--but will get a lot more difficult if you don't keep on top of it. I would always schedule school time into my week almost like I had to show up. Good Luck!
  14. by   goingback
    Myethpio, Thanks for your response. I'd like to touch base with you. Can you PM me so we can exchange emails. I can't find how to PM you on this site.