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  1. Do any of you know if Tennessee accepts Deaconess graduates? I am looking into these classes because they seem to be the only one who will let CNA's in. Want to do this BAD......but need to do it online. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Also, I have been out of school since 1983, any one have any opinions on pre-reqs? Help Me !!! sassyr
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  3. by   mona b RN

    I don't think there are any reasons why any state would reject a Deaconess grad. Some states do not recognize Excelsior grads because of concern over the students not having enough clinical exposure. The Deaconess program has plenty of clinicals. If your concerned, call your local board and ask them.

    Hope this helps.

    mona b
  4. by   sassyr
    Thanks Mona. Do you know how I would go about finding out about the pre-reqs I will need before entering Deaconess? I got my packet the other day. I will have to do the LPN thing first, then on to the Associates and then from there. Any help is much appreciated. Also, do you know how many times a student must go on campus? Thanks!! sassyr
  5. by   NICURNtobe
    sassyr, Deaconess is a 110-yr old nursing college. It is mainly a physical campus and started an online program just 2 yrs ago. There's no reason for anyone not to accept a graduate from there. For the ADN program you have to go there 5 times for about 3 days each time.
  6. by   NICURNtobe
    Oh and btw, I live in TN!
  7. by   sassyr
    NICURNtobe, Thanks so much for the info. What part of Tennessee do you live? I am in East Tennessee. Close to Oak Ridge.
  8. by   NICURNtobe
    I'm in mid TN - not far from Murfreesboro. I'm starting Deaconess May 19th. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
  9. by   opalmRN

    I will also start the Deaconess nursing program on May 19th.
    As with NICURNtobe, I too will answer questions if I can.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.
  10. by   opalmRN
    Originally posted by NICURNtobe
    I'm starting Deaconess May 19th.
    Hey there,
    How are you? Have you gotten your books yet? I just ordered them today. Still no clinical site but I'm not going down without a fight!

    2 more weeks and I'm finished with A & P II, YAHOO!

    Have you taken the Fontebonne online pre-req class yet? Took it last night. If you can send email, you shouldn't have to take it but everyone does. One more thing done, is how I look at it.

    Drop me a line when you have a chance.
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