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    I'm about to finish my ADN this Dec, and I am planning on completing my BSN ASAP. I just found out I was accepted into cal-state dominguez hills' RN-BSN program. I'm currently trying to decide if I should attend this school or ohio university. Anyone have experience with CSUDH?

    The reason CSUDH appeals to me is because it's a semi-local school, it's affordable, and you can take pathophysiology and biochem online as an elective. The more science courses I can receive an A in, the better (CRNA is my ultimate goal).

    Anyone have experience with this program? How difficult is it? How many units were you able to handle each semester? I've heard of people taking as many as 23 units in one semester while working full time. I figure if I take 12 units each semester, I can finish in 3 semesters, and focus on earning A's instead of half-a**ing my way through courses.
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  3. by   horef
    Im also planning on attending CSU DH to get my bsn. I chose between CSU DH or university of phoenix. I couldve started right away at phoenix but it was too expensive. So i applied at CSU DH and I got accepted but they dont start till next fall. So i have to wait a whole year before i even begin. Im also planning to be a CRNA. Im also looking for information regarding their program like people who are attending or attended DH.

    Since you want to be a CRNA, I suggest CSU DH. Most crnas school requires WASC accredititation. CSU DH is WASC Accredited. Also since its a Cal state university, it has good reputation (just my personal opinion) and will increase your chance in getting accepted to a CRNA school.

    Is biochem part of the program? my plan is also to finish it in 3 to 4 semesters. I wish an adviser can look at your transcripts and advice you on classess i need to take and how long to finish it. if you find any information.. let me know. goodluck
  4. by   ProgressiveThinking
    Biochem isn't required, but it's an elective. It wasn't required for my ADN, but I do know a lot of CRNA programs require it. My instructor actually went to CSUDH and he said that you can test out of a couple of the courses. I also hear if you're good at typing essays, the program is nowhere near as difficult as your ADN. If you take a couple of courses in the summer, you can finish in 3 semesters. You can finish in 2 semesters if you REALLY load up on units (my instructor did this).

    Ohio University also appeals to me because it's a big school, and you can finish up your BSN in 55 weeks, taking the same amount of courses as CSUDH in 5 week increments. They also allow you to double up on courses, which would allow you to finish up in 55 weeks if you still need some of the GE courses (I need nutrition and cultural anthropology). OU also allows you to make payments on your tuition whereas CSUDH wants all 2600 up front prior to the start of the semester. Both programs com out to roughly the same price, but OU's payment plan is a little more affordable. I would have to take a loan out for CSUDH.

    Another plus of CSUDH is their FNP program. If you're admitted to their school of graduate nursing (preference is given to their grads), the first courses you take are graduate level are pathophysiology and pharmacology. You can then choose the FNP role option, or another option. The plus of this is CRNA schools give HUGE preference to those who succeed in grad level patho and pharm.

    Keep me updated if you find out any other info.
  5. by   horef
    I'm supposed to start in fall 2012 but i just found out that i can actually start taking few classes as early as spring. I wanted to start right away, at least one or two classes, But it is too late to apply for financial aid. If i take a class this spring it will cost me 750$ a class out of pocket. I cant afford it right now. So i told them i might just wait till fall cause i wont be able to apply for financial aid till Jan 1st. The program at CSU DH is about 50 units. I dont think i can finish that in 3 semesters unless i take some classes during the summer. My plan is to finish it in 4 semesters.

    I emailed the bsn coordinator with my plan each semester like the classes im gonna take to complete it in 4 semesters. She told me that its a heavy load and i should just take two classes first. If thats the case i wont be finish in 3 years. ugh

    CSU DH website is frustrating. It doesnt really give information. The bsn coordinator i'm emailing with doesnt give detailed answers too. Ill ask them a really long question and she will reply with one sentence answer.. wtheck.
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  6. by   mommieofONE
    Hi. Im thinking about doing the BSN at CSUDH. Do you just apply online without seeing a counselor first? How long is the program?
  7. by   Apgar10
    I applied a few days ago. How soon after your application did you learn you were accepted? How are you notified? Any ideas how many students are accepted for Fall 2012? Also, I didn't notice an application for the SON like there are for Fullerton and Long Beach... so just the app to the university takes care of it?
  8. by   ProgressiveThinking
    There's no app for the SON, just the university app. It took about a month to get my acceptance letter via snail mail. Seeing the counselor iOS not necessary for acceptance. I want to go to a local Cali school, but I think Ohio university is the quicker and cheaper route. Csudh requires their tuition to be paid in full and up front. Unless you load up on units, the program takes 4 semesters to complete, possibly longer if you go part time. Good luck!
  9. by   Apgar10
    Quote from ProgressiveThinking
    Biochem isn't required, but it's an elective.
    Thanks for your answer to my question on the other thread. If biochem isn't required does that mean I never have to take it as part of that program or is it an expected choice for an elective? I'd rather never take chemistry if at all possible! No plans to do CRNA here

    How do I found out what is required for the degree beyond those core BSN classes? Or is that it?
  10. by   ProgressiveThinking
    The cal-state system transfer requirements have to be satisfied. http://www.calstate.edu/transfer/req...students.shtml
  11. by   Apgar10
    That's what I was afraid of... bah. I'll stay registered for chem. Was hoping the ADN would knock out some of the requirements
  12. by   MyChance
    I'm currently at CSUDH, just finished my first semester & I went full time (5 classes), since I don't work right now. I like the school, the work isn't that hard, but Nursing Concept (BSN 302), requires a lot of reading but everything else that I took was ok. The bad part, is waiting on your group members to post/add to required work, but other than not bad. I'm planning on attending full time again this Spring so I can graduate this Fall 2012. And it's not hard to keep an A average, just keep up with the homework & write good essays & you'll be fine.....hope that helps!!
  13. by   ProgressiveThinking
    Very helpful, thank you. Do they let you make payments on tuition or is it required in full?
  14. by   Apgar10
    I want to add a reply about a question I asked earlier in the thread... I found out from a counselor who works with the program (not the one word answer lady ) that chemistry is not required, but a physical science is. So I'm taking Geography of California to fulfill the CSU transfer requirement. I'm doing stats locally at a community college.

    Thanks for the feedback otherwise!

    How do you start taking classes before the Fall date? How does that work?