Correspondence Courses???

  1. Have any of you heard of Ashworth College or Proffesional Career Development Institute ? As an RN I would like to be an "independant contractor".

    PCDI offers a "diploma" from their school of nutrition..cost $689
    AC offers an Associate of Science in Health Care Management...cost $789

    Just wondered if these are worth the paper they are printed on. I thought it would look good to put "Asso. Degreein Health Care Management" or "Special Studies in Nutrition" in addition to RN on a business card.

    Thanks for any info.

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  3. by   P_RN
    I looked up Ashworth College on the web. It says it's accredited by Distance Education and Training Council

    Frankly I've not heard of it or any of the schools it lists. I'd be very opinion. The other place I've never heard of either. To me $699 sounds like a diploma opinion only.

    You may want to check out some of the more accredited distance education schools.
  4. by   Tim-GNP
    Again, beware...

    Although the Distance Education and Training Council is recognized by Department of Education as a "Specialized
    Accrediting Body" it is NOT regionally accredited. This could prove disasterous if you try to get a BS degree with this ADN. It would most likely be laughed at by any 4 year college or university.

    P_RN is right... if it sounds 'too good to be true' it usually is.