Columbus State Community College

  1. Hi Everybody,

    I did some internet searching and came across Columbus State Community which offers an online (ASN) RN program and it's in the state of Ohio....I don't know anything about the colege but I've already emailed them....I'm read through their sample course sequence and it seems that they do have adequate clinical hours which is a big factor in California....But again, I don't know anything about the school and don't know if California would even recognize them.....but hopefully at least some other state will recognize them and give someone an opportunity to go through that school.....

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  3. by   LPNDebbie
    I actually attended classes at CSCC and I can tell you that the instructors are very good. Being a bad student in high school, I was a very good student in college. if CSCC has on-line courses, I would very much take advantage of it!
  4. by   Pixie.RN

    Looks like clinicals are done in Ohio one to two days per week.
  5. by   TLAandy
    I used to live in Columbus, Ohio, I looked at Columbus State for getting my RN, at least at that time you got NO CREDIT for being an LPN, you even had to take their freshman success class that taught study techiniques and note taking and time management. It was VERY heavy on prereqs. Once you got the prereqs done you were put on a waiting list. Hopefully it has changed with the online classes, but check with your academic advisor find out exactly which prereqs you will have to take, they were not very LPN, paramedic friendly school.
  6. by   gobux90
    I am a current student in the on-line CSCC program. The biggest pre-req is having a bachelor's degree. Obviously then many of your other pre-req's will transfer - you may need some of the sciences (anatomy, physiology, patho).

    It isn't a true on-line program though - it is more of a hybrid program. Students need to be on campus for labs and in Columbus for clinicals.

    Hope that helps! :wink2: