CLEP classes / study guides

  1. I am considering CLEP'ing some of the Gen Ed classes for Excelsior (sociology, growth and dev, humanities and US hist)

    From people that CLEP'd any of these subjects....what did you use to study? I saw the CLEP brand study guides and was wondering if they're enough.

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  3. by   ladybugsea
    I don't believe that CLEP puts out any study guides. I used REA guides and had excellent success. After some short-term but very serious studying, I easily passed Psych and Human Growth and Development. I also passed English Comp, but I didn't study for that one. Good luck!!
  4. by   Boston-RN
    Actually, those are the ones I was looking at.....thanks a ton...
  5. by   Psych RN-BC
    I bought a CLEP book to use for Sociology when I finish with micro. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks!!
  6. by   imnotdon
    What are "REA Guides"? I'm hoping to CLEP Humanities (and a couple others) to get into the Jacksonville Univ RN to BSN (which I've already been accepted to - just need to bang out a few GE's I didn't get in Nursing school). Thanx. Eric
    Nevermind -- I "GOOGLED" it and found the answer... :>)
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  7. by   Boston-RN
    REA is the company that puts out CLEP study guides....if you google REA CLEP you'll see a bunch of them.....I hear they're sufficient to pass the CLEP for the particular subject although I hear the humanities will need a little study beyond just the study guide

    Good luck
  8. by   Spazzy Nurse
    This is what I used:
    I got mine at Border's.
  9. by   fotografe
    Just took the sociology exam. Studied only the REA guide for about 8 hours total. (Over a few days). Got a 75/80 (50 is passing at most schools). Buy the REA guide and study the week before the exam.
  10. by   Boston-RN
    What spazzynurse posted is the REA - CLEP guide.....glad to know they work...thanks again
  11. by   sunnyjohn
    I second the REA guides.