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  1. First of all, I just wanted to thank everyone who offered so much advice to me while I was doing my online school search. I went with Chamberlain. I'm half way into my first class - Transitions. It's been good. I've developed a routine with Sunday morning lessons, research for postings and any other house keeping items needing to be done. I copy and past my postings on Monday and respond on Tuesday to reach the 2 postings guideline. So far, so good. I pulled a "teenage" mistake on my APA Hunt and typed right when I clearly meant left and missed a few on that....grrrr. I have struggled a bit with the APA guidelines, still think it's crazy to write that way, but am catching on.

    I just signed up for Cultural Diversity and Information for Summer A and Algebra (still not happy to be taking that over again) and Community for Summer B (good bye summer.... guess it will be work by the pool). I've registered for Stats and Collaborative for Fall A and Fall B will be History and EBP. I'm hopeful that I can do 2 as easily as one has been, but it will take a bit more organization. I will see how 2 classes go and maybe add a third one of these semesters.

    I did consider Kent State University, but they wanted so much retake I felt it was unnecessary. The cost was the same and they were much less helpful. I understand how people feel when they say Chamberlain seems 'pushy'. They did contact me a lot when I was 'looking' into the program. Luckily, they haven't stopped being as supportive or reachable should I say. They have been wonderful with retrieving my transcripts, financial planning and class registration. Kent was less than helpful getting started and didn't return calls placed to check my transcript evaluation. Maybe it was who I spoke with at both facilities.

    Best of luck to those making the same decisions ..... it's an overwhelming thought when getting started.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Congrats!! Glad you're getting a routine down. That is very helpful!!
  4. by   yrmajesty3
    Hi There KMRNOCN,
    Thanks for the details. I plan to follow your posts. After much research, I am also registered to begin with Chamberlain for the Fall. I'm a bit nervous about doing everything on-line ( I'm a bit of a computer idiot, but I guess that will change soon....I hope).
    Two questions.... What is an APA guideline referring to?... AND... Do you think it's worth it to take a couple of classes at a community college (such as Algebra and Stats)?
  5. by   KMRNOCN

    I can't comment on the taking classes at a community college, I guess that is a personal choice. Maybe someone else can assist with that part.

    The APA is the American Psychologist Associations citation and professional writing style. It's crazy! I'm getting a little better at it, but it's a bit tough to figure out if you're "old school" like me.

    The computer format is pretty straight forward so you should be fine.

    There are many great people here that can lend a hand as needed.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Thanks for providing your impressions of the program. Good luck.
  7. by   WvNurse921
    Hi there,
    I am starting July 5th with Soc 350. I hope I will do ok, they are accepting a transitions course I took at another school, so it has been a while since I have done APA format. I am more of a peck typist, so I pray it works out. I got through my English classes ok, so all is not lost. I hope to find folks going the same time I am.
  8. by   KristeyK
    Quick hint about the APA format- if you Google it you will see several EXCELLENT sites with how-to's on them. (My favorite, which I am too lazy to look up right now) has OWL in it. (I think it's associated with Princeton.) If you want a book to LOOK at, check out the Little Brown Handbook. I bought one on amazon for about $5.00!
  9. by   WvNurse921
    Hi there
    I down loaded PEARLA I hear its good, I know others have used it. I have the APA book if I hit any snags...I will look into the little brown book..I have a very old copy of it, but it is quite good. I's so excited to start!!
  10. by   KMRNOCN
    Quote from WvNurse921
    Hi there,
    I am starting July 5th with Soc 350. .
    I'll be there with ya! Taking Soc 350 and Informatics. Didn't want to take a 3rd class for summer, but the more I get in the faster I'm done!
  11. by   WvNurse921
    I'll be happy to "see you" in class!