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Hi, I was just accepted to chamberlain for March 2007. I was wondering if anyone else will be starting then? I was also wondering if any of you who started in october would be willing to share your... Read More

  1. by   hospicetec
    nadja9, I mailed you a copy of the so called settlement they offered me. Let me know what you think of it!
  2. by   nadja9
    Hi Hospicetec!

    Thanks for sending it! I will get you that itemization list tomorrow - I forgot to grab it this morning like a big dope.

    I can't wait to read what they've sent......

    Will probably PM you later.
  3. by   hospicetec
    I didn't get it. Did you email it?
  4. by   paper1225
    just wondering how all of this has been panning out for the two of you........I am an ASN student, but in MO.........issue now for us is that the state came in a week ago and tons of rumors are going around about credidation............I am really worried, as if stressing about class was not enough...........
  5. by   ~KrisC~
    First of all, is there any info, other than rumors about the state visit? Although, rumors pretty much nailed it last time, so I'd be interested in 'hearing' what is flying around. PM me if you would prefer....

    I don't know if I posted this or not, after last spring term I was incredibly tired of drama surrounding I pretty much logged off... However, this is where I am at.

    When I 'made my final decision' about leaving the school after they gave all out of state students the famous ultimatum...I was offered a 'stay of execution' if you will....seems that it was highly possible, based on past experience to complete the program in Indiana. I attempted to verify with the BON, but no one returned my calls, so I decided to push forward...because of the change in curriculum I would have to pretty much start over, and in comparison with my local school where I have several credits, I would be doing the same thing due to the competion being so rough with clinical placements, they only admit students with all A's from gen ed courses to clinicals ( I have a couple of B's) I figured that CCN was still my best bet with my families needs, etc.

    So I buckled down, got over the fact that I'd be repeating fundamentals and skills in the fall and took my Humanities and yet another Algebra class first session. I am now beginning Chemistry with Devry for second session.

    I decided that close to 5 months had gone by since they announced the problem, and I'd better follow up to make sure that final approval had been reached before I sink another $400 + in books and skills kit and gads of time into Fundamentals, only to find out by the beginning of 'clinical' semester I was out of luck again.

    No responses to my very point blank question regarding if all is a go or not....I wonder if it's the State visit?

    (any Indiana students reading this thread that would like to share?) any one else have a gut wrenching feeling as you watch little dollars signs and clocks fly out the window?

    I have reached the conclusion that I have "I am an idiot....please take advantage of not only myself, but my family too" scrolled across my forehead.
  6. by   paper1225
    Kris, something to think about when the state was here-they sat down with students and asked about our questions/concerns. One concern was about our current teacher who keeps telling us if we fail this class we start all over due to a new cirriculum. The state said they cannot force us to take the same class over that we have already passed with them..........she even went on to say most likely if we are paying by loans, a loan program will not pay for the same class at the same school-translation they need to put you in to the best fit without asking you to retake a class you have already passed.
  7. by   ~KrisC~
    This is very interesting! Yeah I passed Fundamentals with a solid B, while at the time I felt that they needed to make many changes to the delivery of nursing type classes, I passed.....if I am 'allowed' to continue I think I should take the first nursing clinical course in the fall....I wonder who my advisor is now....I think I need to have a meeting.....
  8. by   lovey2007

    I was just curious to see if anyone was attending Chamberlain in OH? Everyone seems to be from Missouri, and I wondered how the program at the new campus/online program in Columbus was going for those living in Ohio.

    Your responses are appreciated!!

    BTW, I applied for the October 2007 semester, anyone else?
  9. by   sargentrn
    I live in Ohio, I am the online RN-BSN program, but it's through the Missouri campus. I know there was an article about the Columbus campus in the Columbus Dispatch, you could search through the archives on their website to see it.
  10. by   paper1225 is the RN - BSN program? How many hours/days per week? If they shape up, I am considering to just keep on......
  11. by   hospicetec
    Hey ya'll,
    Just a very careful about this school. After almost 1 year of studying,planning,working (being on the dean's list)..and pouring my heart and soul into this program......they withdrew me from the program because they have no approval from my state for clinicals. They offered me $1,000 to keep my mouth shut and to sign the release they sent me. I took it to an attorney. We are sueing them now. Everyone that is in nursing classes knows that the struggle is worth more than $1,000! They tell me that Chamberlain offered a program that they did not have the right to offer.....something about the consumer protection act?
    The TN state board of nursing said Chamberlain NEVER sought to gain approval! Oh well, we will see what a judge says. Just a warning, don't trust them.
  12. by   ~KrisC~
    Quote from paper1225 is the RN - BSN program? How many hours/days per week? If they shape up, I am considering to just keep on......

    That was my 'master plan' as well, timewise, I would finish up my BSN at just the right age (10) for my youngest to be able handle being on her own for a few hours (there would be a teen still at home as well -to clarify) so I would have a bit more flexibilty with my schedule....

    I am really stressing the potential outcome of this future is literally on hold.
  13. by   ~KrisC~

    I am curious if you and I were in any classed together. I have been with CCN for just about a year. Never made it on the Deans list, but my grades were still good. You are so right, we do pour our hearts and souls into this, and our families! I mean, how horrible is it tell your 6 yr old that you can't play candy land because you have to study, I have teens as well and I know how fast the innocent 'candy land' years fly by!

    Best of luck to you in all of this!