Berkeley Intro To Biochem ???

  1. anyone take biochem threw berkeley ?? what was your experience like ? is it possible to do in a week or 2 ?
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  3. by   tsm007
    i don't think they will let you do that. i'd call to be sure, but i remember looking into this class before and it's one of the reasons i didn't take it.

    from their website you must allocate a minimum of one month per semester unit to complete a course; for courses of 3 and 4 semester units, you must remain in the course for a minimum of three months.

    information and policies; uc berkeley extension
  4. by   Theone40
    thanks teresasupermama....thats a bummer .....where did you wind up taking it ?
  5. by   tsm007
    I am actually taking it directly through WGU now. It was one of their prereqs, but since I had everything but that one done they let me take it with their program. I know that UNE has a biochem program as well online, but my enrollment counselor at WGU said something about them not accepting their class so you might want to check with your school on that before taking it. UNE you can take it at your own pace, but it's pricier than some of the other schools. University of Wisconsion has an online class as well, but they follow a traditional schedule and you wouldn't be able to start until this summer. I honestly think your fastest choice would be Berkeley. I don't know anyone that you could take it in a few weeks.
  6. by   Theone40
    thanks for the reply. Im actually trying to get into WGU prelicensure program. Ive been speaking to my counselor and she never mentioned that they offer any classes....she just keeps telling me that everything needs to be done before i can apply ...i will ask her today ...thanks for the info
  7. by   tsm007
    I do not think they like to let you take the prereqs through them, but sometimes they do. You have to have most of them done and I think it depends on how many people are applying for your cohort. They've not directly said that, but for the cohorts that are small like mine they seem to be letting you take one of the nursing science prereqs with the program (biochem, nutrition, or pharmacology). I'd ask. The worst they can say is no.
  8. by   LaineyLe
    Hey guys, I too am applying to WGU's pre-licensure program and my counselor told me the only pre-req I can take through the program was Nutrition. I had everything else done besides Biochemistry, so I'm actually taking that through CalCampus. She sent me a list of schools that are approved for Biochem for WGU. It's a bummer because I can't get in for their Summer cohort, so I have to wait until the Fall. UNE was actually on the approved list, but it is super pricey (I want to say it was around $1200 more or less). I was considering Berkeley's program, but you can't rush it either. The fastest program was CalCampus, and it's 12 weeks.
  9. by   Theone40
    how is calCampus ? is there a lab component that you do at home or is it all online? are the tests open book or proctored ? I'm a little scared of taking chem, last time i took it was over 20 years ago...
  10. by   LaineyLe
    It's actually pretty decent so far, no lab component (just a 3 unit class). All the class materials are online and you don't need a textbook (extra expense). Turn in an assignment and quiz every week. I just started so I can't give you any details, but it looks doable right now.
  11. by   Theone40
    hey LaineyLe how is the class so far ? are the exams open book or proctored ?
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