Aspen University MSN

  1. I am considering my MSN from Apsen Univeristy. Anyone have experience with Aspen?
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  3. by   preemieboy
    I'm also curious. i'm thinking of their forensic nursing MSN program but I'm leary thinking it may be too good to be true. What do you thinK?
  4. by   LessValuableNinja
    Wondering the same.
  5. by   slizendiceRN
    I'm planning on pursuing my MSN this fall for public health and Aspen is one of a select few that offers this degree all online. So far, I can't find anyone else that has obtained their degree from here. What specialty are you wanting to get?
  6. by   writetotrendyjulie
    I will be starting on Jan. 10 MSN Admin.
    I will keep everyone updated on how it goes. wish me luck
  7. by   nenurse1
    Good Luck!! Please let me know how it goes. I am really considering public health this summer. You can email me too at
  8. by   slizendiceRN
    I hope you have a positive experience and I can't wait to hear your updates I'm still highly considering Aspen to start in either the fall or January 2018. Did it take long to have your transcripts evaluated?
  9. by   laRN1
    Same here, considering Aspen for the MSN Administration for possible start Fall 2017 or Spring 2018. Would love to hear updates. Good luck on the upcoming start of the program writetotrendyjulie!
  10. by   nenurse1
    How are things going at Aspen?
  11. by   SamuelInc
    How are things working out for you at ASPEN Nenurse1?
  12. by   nenurse1
    I haven't started yet. I am just finishing up my BSN. I am really looking at Fort Hays, Aspen or West Texas A & M. You doing your MSN?
  13. by   dekyrn
    Aspens price is great but I've seen such mixed reviews. Has anyone actually taken classes that can give feedback?
  14. by   nenurse1
    I agree! I hope someone can give us feedback.