Are yahoo excelsior notes enough for exam?

  1. Dear all,

    I am new here, so maybe this question is stupid but I would like to hear your advices on how to use the notes published in yahoo excelsior nurse study group.

    I saw so many good notes, Lisa's note 1-5, concepts1-5 etc. Do you think if I read through this and grasp everything ,it will be enough to pass the exam?Because I found reading textbook page by page is time consuming and the notes already gave you the key points of each concepts. what is your study experience? I am not a lazy one but just want to save time to finish before Oct.2007 ( when they will make changes in the exams).
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  3. by   Spazzy Nurse
    Just remember, all of the "notes" that you find online were done by other people. If you want to cover your butt, and I'm sure you do, don't assume they are 100% accurate. Use them only as a study tool in addition to other ones.
  4. by   vamedic4
    Hi singlelife and welcome to!

    The trick I've found with Excelsior is that you have to be driven to study- don't fall into the trap of just "studying the notes" that are given by someone else. You will find that there are things on there that you have no idea about, and you'll need to look them up anyway.
    What the notes do are supplement the info you've ALREADY read. Excelsior doesn't just want to turn out nurses who can pass their exams...they want to have graduates that have a firm understanding of the nursing process, as well as the nursing care of people across the life span.
    Do yourself a favor and read the chapters assigned. You'll learn something, I guarantee it. Make some notes and use the info you gain online to supplement that.
    Best of luck!!

    In the same boat
  5. by   singlelife
    Thank you for your guide in study in Excelsior. YOu are right , after I read several chapters I found I learned a lot. But I don't have enough time to read carefully. Sometime just read the titles and black words, chart and tables .Others I just quickly pass through it. Otherwise one can not finish reading within 2 weeks parttime.
  6. by   Spazzy Nurse
    Quote from singlelife
    Otherwise one can not finish reading within 2 weeks parttime.
    Why the rush? These courses are very hard. Take more time so that the material sticks.
  7. by   singlelife
    because I need to get a nurse job as quickly as I can. I really felt tired and boring of my current job,especially under great pressure and overwork all the time.I want to change it immediatly.
  8. by   carliboo30
    Well Singlelife, I figured cause of your email name that you are SINGLE. If you are then you have all the time in the world to devote to the Excelsior College RN program. If you study hard, Iam sure you will make it within your time frame. I have 3 kids and a small puppy, and I have to study at least 6 weeks prior to testing. I wish I were single I would have flown through the Exams. I am a very devoted learner though. Good Luck to you! :wink2:
  9. by   Nurse Heidi
    I'm just wondering where you found the "yahoo excelsior notes".

  10. by   EricJRN
    On Yahoo Groups, if you type in 'Excelsior' there are a few groups dedicated to EC as well as the CPNE. Some of these groups offer files of things they think are the most important to remember for the exams.