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  1. by   smiley2030
    Quote from FeFe23
    Hey Smiley, Yes I am currently a LPN going through ECs program. I am not aware of any problems with EC grads obtaining licensure in TN, but just to be safe, check with their BON. I was enrolled in EC before the July 2008 cut off, so no additional clinical hours will be required of me. To answer your question about the exams... I would have finished in 5 months if it wasn't for the nonsense going on with the GBON. I put off my last exam, NC5 for 6 months while waiting to see if I would have a future here in GA as an EC RN grad. So it took 11 months.

    Hope I have answered some of your questions!
    Thanks you for all the information. Wish you good luck on your CPNE, Please do let me know how your CPNE went.
  2. by   sunshine06
    Hi everyone, I'm live in GA and trying to finish up EC as well. I hope to be done with all this sometime next year as well. I was thinking of getting my License in TN and working there for a while as well and then getting endorsed back in. My situation is that I did apply for EC before July 2008 but I am a RT. The law that passed states if you are not an LPN (like RT or paramedic) and complete the program by 2011 they still could require me to do additional clinical hours and that's what they are doing. Currently RT's that have graduated in Ga from EC and are trying to apply for their RN license are being denied telling them they need more hours. So, if I can't get my hours here I will work in TN or some other state and commute. I live in metro Atlanta so TN would be a what a 1 11/2 to 2 hours...maybe I could get a travel assignment so they pay for me a hotel...just a thought. How is the job market for new grads and how is grads from EC treated there in TN...hopefully better than GA has been treating us. Hopefully I could work out a preceptorship or something here but the GA Bon is still figuring out all the details how students will do this.

    Smiley if decided to want to work or live GA you should be fine especially if work at a state for a while. They should endorse you back in.

    Good luck to everyone taking there CPNE, let us know how it goes.
  3. by   sunshine06
    FeFe23, so when are you going to try to take the CPNE if not in July? Also did you request Grady or Georgia or are going to accept out of state CPNE sites? Oh how are you preparing are going to any workshops...I was think of doing this.
  4. by   jlrevis
    Hey! I live about 10miles from Chatt Tn, in Ga. At Erlanger in Chatt Tn, we have lots of EC grads. I have 5 girls that work on my floor completing their Rn through EC and the hosiptal is paying for some of it, so as far as I know, there isn't any problems....