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Hello, I am currently a nursing student in CT, and I am confused about how I will able to get my BSN after I graduate from my current RN program. I have questions/concerns like: -Can I get my... Read More

  1. by   nslee
    Is anyone currently in Regis University's Online RN-BSN program? I'm interested in applying, but would like to know what the cost of the program is. The College Network is stating the likes of $15k for a ballpark figure.
  2. by   BrillyD
    Stay clear of the college network!!!
  3. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I'm enrolling in Anna Maria College's online RN-BSN program. I wanted a program from a brick-and mortar school with a good reputation that would let me go at my own pace. I grew up nearby, and the nursing program has a very good reputation. It's 100% online, and tuition is about $450 per credit (cheaper than my state U), and sessions are 8 weeks long. I'm starting in May, and if I take one class at a time, I'll have my degree in 2-1/2 years.
  4. by   Videogamesrock
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    I am currently attending American Military University, which is part of the American Public University System, and has RN-BSN totally online. The price is good, and even though I live local to it I havn't had to see anyone in person, in fact for one issue I offered to come and see them but they prefered to do things online which was fine and it worked out.

    As long as you are attending a program that is accredited, you are golden. That is really all employers care about.
    How are the classes there? Tough easy? Do you recommend any teachers?
  5. by   Nursemonster
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    I completed my RN-BSN online through Regis University in Denver and I live in Florida. I did not have to go to the school at any time. As long as the school is accredited, you get a formal diploma from the school (mine did not mention anything about online classes).

    You have to really look around. Most of the state colleges do not offer full online classes...too bad. You can do a lot of your non-nursing classes via CLEP/Dantes. Some of the schools do not require statistics, but several of the nursing classes do use a basic knowledge of stats. Some take a stats for healthcare and I would look at that. If your school does require an intro to stats, unless you are REALLY good at math, I would recommend taking that class at your local college. Good luck.
    hey i read you too classes at REGIS,.. i am considering that place for adn-bsn

    how good of a rep does this school have and is the school helpful in actually getting you to the BSN and how much did it cost

    also i am interested in applying to CRNA school, is this place really GOOD????

  6. by   scoope23
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    chamberlain rn-bsn is 100% online, it can be completed in 3 semesters. i started in jan and i will be done by end of october, its just expensive. If you are an ANA member you get 10% of and application fee is free. if you want to know more you an pm me.
    How was your experience in Chamberlain's RN to BSN program? Any problems finding a job afterwards??
  7. by   FNPhereIcome
    Medic2RN- I too am a medic that went to nursing. Now onto FNP. I am in the application process to ULL. Did you do their program and if so what was your experience? Also, do you have experience with CLEP exams?

  8. by   Medic2RN
    HI FNPhereIcome, unfortunately, I experienced some "life gets in the way" situations and was unable to go to school the past year, so I have nothing to report to you. I am still interested in this program though. Since you are already in the process, I should be asking you - how is it going?
  9. by   michelle1975
    Could you please inbox me....I have several questions regarding this program if you have time. Thanks in advance.
  10. by   WanderingSagehen
    Western Governors university. Online and if you do it soon out of school you may get a grant. 4000 each semester and I did it in 2. 3 is more common. I only paid 1500$ my first 15 units. A semester is 6 months long. One class at a time.
  11. by   klone
    Quote from WanderingSagehen
    Western Governors university. Online and if you do it soon out of school you may get a grant. 4000 each semester and I did it in 2. 3 is more common. I only paid 1500$ my first 15 units. A semester is 6 months long. One class at a time.
    Unless they raised tuition in the last 6 months, it's $3250/semester.
  12. by   Kathy H
    I am doing Western Governors University online RN-MSN. They have BSN as well. There are a lot of pros like cost and ability to accelerate courses in your term. WGU is inexpensive- they charge a flat rate per term and you can add classes without extra cost. You'll really need to look at the website for details.
    I really love their program so far (started in May2015). I tried a course at COSC (online but in CT) and really did not like their program, their internet platform, the required message boards, etc.
    Another program you may like is WestConn's RN-BSN program but that one is not online (although a few courses may be). I took a few of their classes years ago and they were a very good program. I didn't finish however due to FT work, children, family commitments, etc.
    I'm now looking at the date you originally posted this and figuring you've already gotten started somewhere on your BSN. I would love to hear an update!!