Any GA folks starting EC??

  1. Hey everyone!! This is my first post to this great site! I'm hoping to meet folks from Georgia who are taking EC exams and would like to have a study buddy. I am also interested in purchasing some used texts if anyone finishing the program would like to sell. Thanks a bunch!:wink2:
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Make sure you check out EC's Study Buddy Finder on the EPN portion of the Excelsior website too.
  4. by   Megan2403
    Hey! I am in Georgia and just applied to EC. I just got all my transripts sent off yesterday! Where are you located?
  5. by   DaisyChic065
    Claxton...........We're about 45 miles from Savannah....Do you have any gen ed classes to take before the NC's?
  6. by   Megan2403
    Yes, I am sure I do. I just applied and sent off my transcripts to be evaluated so I don't know yet exactly what I need to take. I should have some that will transfer from when I was working towards my RN a few years ago. What about you? Have you already started? We're in the Macon a little ways from you. What direction is Claxton from Savannah? I haven't heard of it.
  7. by   DaisyChic065
    Claxton is about 45 miles West of Savannah............We are about 2 hours from Macon............I am starting w/ Life Span..........Although I have 2 other PSY completed through college, EC said that they may not accept them..........
  8. by   GALPN57
    Hi!I saw your post and I am currently enrolled with EC.I live in Metter,GA .I am ready to schedule my first exam,which will be lifespan.This is a lot more difficult than I had thought it might be,but hopefully doable.Hope your studies are going well.
  9. by   Leo2
    You can do it , I'am on NC6 Ihave passed everything so far. I live in north Ga. Leo2
  10. by   GALPN57
    Quote from Leo2
    You can do it , I'am on NC6 Ihave passed everything so far. I live in north Ga. Leo2
    Thanks for the encouragement,it sure helps.Congratulations on your progress and success!