A&P CCC Online: Are online tests timed?

  1. Hi,

    I'd like to know if the A&P online tests for Bio 201 in CCC online are ever timed? Can you take your time in asnwering the questions, and really think about the answers? I just want to make sure I have enough time to finish the test, and ace it?

    Also, how is the grade for the course broken down? Are the midterm and finals 60% of the grade or the quizzes 10%?

    Do you have to turn in any homeworks?

    Thanks for all your input!
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  3. by   RedSox33RN
    I didn't take A&P with CCC, but I would imagine they are timed. I've done a lot of online courses, and all had timed tests. Otherwise, what is to prevent someone from looking up every answer?

    All of the tests in my online A&P course had 25 questions, and we had 45 minutes, then we were kicked out if we hadn't submitted it in that time. That was more than enough time for all of the questions. But they were all T/F, multiple choice or matching type of questions - no essays. The online courses I've taken that give tests w/essay questions generally give you a longer amount of time, like an hour.
  4. by   NICURNtobe
    Yes, the tests at CCC are timed. Besides the tests, there are labs you have to turn in. Other than that, there's no "homework".

    A&P isn't easy to ace, but it can be done. Taking it online isn't any easier than taking it "live"!
  5. by   NurseDiva04
    CCC Online - I am taking my 4th & 5th courses and I had/have homework in every course. In all courses, I had/have to write a weekly journal and some type of assignment(s) is due each week. These courses included A&P I & II, Microbiology, Nutrition and Ethics and they are all different instructors. Labs are included in A&P I(timed in I as quiz)/II and Microbiology (not timed, part of homework). The quizzes/exams are timed. But you condition yourself. Also, most of them give weekly assignments that if you bomb on a couple exams, you can still make A's due to the homework assignments.
  6. by   NurseChick04
    Can you tell me what CCC is? Thanks!
  7. by   NurseDiva04
    Quote from NurseChick04
    Can you tell me what CCC is? Thanks!
    CCC is a consortium of colleges in Colorado that offers online courses. This means that you can choose an home college listed with this consortium (they are accredited). I chose Community College of Denver as my home college, www.ccd.edu. The reason is I am in GA and I did not want to have to pay extra out of state fees. Also, the online admission application was free. I have had great experiences with them, including petition to get a loan after my income changed. The instructors have been wonderful. There have been incidents were work went crazy and they extended my assignment dates! I have not had any problem with the online quizzes, assignments, discussions.

    Believe me, it has been a great experience for me. Forewarning: You have to keep up but it is not overwhelming. I am a very busy person but I manage and I have done well.

    Hope this help!
  8. by   NurseDiva04
    Quote from NurseChick04
    Can you tell me what CCC is? Thanks!
    You can get to CCC Online using this link: www.ccconline.org