Nurses replaced by robots

  1. I know this is out there but I seem to remember something my old professor said when we discussed the future of nursing. She was saying something along the lines that we had to further our education and attain advanced degrees because in the near future robots could possibly replace nurses. I vividly remember the faces all the nursing students made after that comment. Our professor was definitely quirky and eccentric as you might have already guessed but she was actually quite nice and brillliant in her own little way. Imagine how hard it would be to replace nurses with robots, just the amount of resources that they would have to pour into robots that wouldnt need breaks, food, ect ect. Just the software and hardware to run one of these things and just how cost effective it would be...It kind of be like how people were saying we would have flying cars in the year 2000 and here its 2018.
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    Sorry, didn't realize there were other threads on this subject
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    Not need breaks and food? The powers that be already think we don't need breaks and food. Then there is the robotic scripting. They don't need robots. They already have us. But I'd love to see a bum-wiping robot.
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    Yes it feels like that at times. Especially when were given things to say during our meetings to address the wonders of HCAPS putting pressure on administrators. I never really listened.
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    How would you even design a robot that would be able to differentiate signs and symptoms of things going on like a hypoglycemic attack, even a guy in respiratory distress? How would you have sensors that can replace the human eye and brain that would be able to differentiate between a normal person and someone sick? Unless you get robots that have cameras that are remote to a person controlling them. But then you would need to employ people