Robots to replace nurses

  1. I found this pretty horrifying, as well as some of the quotes I saw on the page.

    ROBOT nurses could be bustling around hospital wards in as little as three years.

    The mechanised "angels" - being developed by EU-funded scientists - will perform basic tasks such as mopping up spillages, taking messages and guiding visitors to hospital beds.

    They could also be used to distribute medicines and even monitor the temperature of patients remotely with laser thermometers.

    Working in teams, the intelligent robots will be able to communicate with each other and co-ordinate their duties.
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  3. by   SteveNNP
    How ridiculous that someone thinks they can design a robot to replace someone that can critically think, take crap from doctors, hand out meds, assess patients and do all that we do? The only benefit would be that these robots wouldn't require the one pee break and 15 minutes we require to wolf down our lean cuisine. My hospital bought a robot med delivery system at a cool $2 million, to replace 4 FTE pharm techs..... how stupid was that. I'll believe this when I see it...
  4. by   RNinSoCal
    That robot sounds nothing like a nurse. Housekeeping cleans up spills, secretaries take messages and our escorts/transporters show pts to their rooms.
    What kind of idiot would accept medications from a robot.
    Do the inventors even understand what a nurse is??
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  5. by   cheshirecat
    Its probably a British robot/nurse as we do all of the above as well as our nursing duties. Anyway all British nurses get a perm IV and Foleys before we start our jobs so we don't have to take a lunch or pee break!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   canoehead
    How much you want to bet we'll be cleaning up after the mistakes the robot makes?

    Press Gainey results will say the care was too impersonal and we'll be ordered to be more sincere.
  7. by   oramar
  8. by   PeachPie
    This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen...
  9. by   CrunchRN
    I totally support this. Maybe after it is a disaster they might have a clue about what nurses really do

    Can they teach it to do the lifting, cleaning, and to take all complaints for the real nurse?
  10. by   Barb101
    Love your comment cheshirecat Iwant to be a British nurse you get a Foleys all we get down under is a screw so we at lest know what breaks we get LOL. As for the robot bit hey when it screws up wonder who the medico's will get??? Although the idea of a robot lifting some pts does have it's appealing points - OH dear do you now have a pressure ulcer sigh so much for high quality care & interaction
  11. by   RNsRWe
    ROFL....sometimes I wonder how the most hair-brained ideas manage to get newspaper print!

    An automatized lobby greeter, fine. Passing meds? Don't think so!
  12. by   muffie
    i've been saying this for years

    instead of my 4 patient assignment, i'll manage 4 robots and 24 patients !!!!!
  13. by   Mijourney
    Robots cannot do TLC. I take comfort in that. I believe that having robots around will expand job opportunities for nurses.
  14. by   nursesaideBen
    Why don't they take the money they've invested in this mechanical "angel" of an idea and instead invest it into creating a call light that self detonates after 35 consecutive pushes in 1 hour :flamesonb