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which nursing model do you think would be best for nursing faculty to use when organizing a baccalaureate program in nursing?

llg, PhD, RN

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I don't think nursing schools should choose just one model. I think they shoud expose their students to a variety of models and theories. As a staff development instructor, I have seen problems caused by new grads who only know "one way to think" about a situation. They graduate believing that the model/theory that their particular school espoused is the only way to approach a situation and/or give good care. That becomes a problem in the real world when their employer and their co-workers don't use that model.

Models and theories should be used as as tools to help us in our practice ... and just as we need a variety of tools to build a house, we need a variety of theories and models to use in our practice. That is what students should be taught about theories and models -- and they will learn that lesson best when they are taught to use a variety of different models/theories chosen and tailored to fit the specific situation at hand.

Choose some extremely broad, general organizing principles to organize the presentation of the material in your program, but stay away from suggeting to the students that one theory/model is the "be all and end all" to nursing.



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I'm in a BSN program right now and we use Orem.

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As a mere staff nurse for most of the last 36 years, I agree w/llg. Teach flexibility, please!!


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Surely you mean paradigm(s)! :chuckle

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