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I am an older nurse in my second career and recently fired from a wonderful skilled nursing facility in Spring. I loved my job. I made a med error following instructions that I apprently... Read More

  1. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from Jory
    I would wait....just because you are reported doesn't mean the case will go anywhere.

    Anyone can make a mistake...I personally know of a pharmacist that killed a patient because he mixed an IV incorrectly...he still has his job and his license.

    While you cannot control the facility over-reacting (nobody is perfect...you misunderstood the order, it wasn't willfull laziness), I think you will find the BON more understanding.

    While they are on the side of protecting the public, they also don't care to join in a knee-jerk reaction because some supervisor got their panties in a wad.
    Agreed. BONs get many reports that have little to no grounds to them--after they conduct their investigation and find that there's nothing to pursue, they drop the case. You may or may not receive notification that you were reported and/or there was no basis for disciplinary action--that depends on the particular BON's policy. So there is indeed hope.

    That being said, if you have malpractice insurance, call them now so they can start working on your case in case the BON does decide to pursue things further. If you don't have malpractice insurance, start looking up attorneys who have experience working with BONs. NEVER appear in front of the BON without an attorney on your side if you can help it. It may be costly, but not as costly as having your license suspended or revoked would be.

    Best of luck.
  2. by   bleverett
    Thank you so much! That is excellent advice. I will get busy recalling when I knew the records/report was falsified to TWC. I did write everything down as it occurred. It feels good to get some support. I will see about an administrative type of nursing job. I so hope that it all works out well, and for the DON I never wanted any negative entanglements. We are both carbon based human beings. So much depends on good communications anytime a client is served. That is the big lesson here for both the DON and me as well as having liability insurance.
  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    I am closing this discussion to protect your privacy since may be appearing before BON. Everything is discoverable about an incident, including internet postings.

    Use our private Admin Help Desk if further discussion desired.