Shoplifting misdemeanor

  1. Hey guys, I live in Florida and last month I was charge with a misdemeanor for shoplifting. I need to know if I'll be able to renew my lincense on april next year. Will the Board of Nursing allow me to renew it? Or if I have this case on my record they will simply deny it?
    How does that work on Florida BoN?
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    I'm an RN in Miami, please if there is someone out there that has been on a similar situation....., let me know
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    In California every time I renew my license they ask about criminal convictions. I think most boards will look in a database to check criminal charges and convictions. If you lie they will know. When you send your prints they put them through the FBI criminal database to check for national records. I'm sure they can do a name search too. Why don't you go to the board website and see what they ask when you do a renewal application. If you were charged with a crime, I think that's public record. However, some boards only care about convictions because they give you an opportunity for a trial and such. Not everyone who is charged is guilty, mistakes happen and some people are actually innocent.

    If that is the case for you, that you are innocent, have you contacted a lawyer?