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  1. I wanted to know how long does it take for the review board or the review specialist to make a decision on releasing your license number? I had a case that was dismissed over 23 years ago but it came back when the Maryland Board of Nursing did there back round check. I had to go and get a disposition showing I wasn't charge and the case was thrown out. Since I wasn't charged I didn't think it would show up. Not to mention I was a teenager at the time. But they informed me they go back to 1978. So just trying to see if anyone had the same type of issue and how long did it take. I'm asking because the boards told me anywhere from a week or two weeks...another review specialist told me by the end of the month, another told me for sure by the end of April which I think is absurd. Any advice?

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    Hi tyb104

    I hope everything worked out with you, sorry you didn't get any answer on here. Do you have any updates? I'm in a similar situation with mbon. I was arrested for shoplifting in 2016 but then my case ended up getting a nolle prosequi and then I was able to get it expunged. When I applied for the NCLEX this year I said "no" because it was only asking for convictions. I also emailed the board member for background checks and she said it would be unlikely I get denied a license based on my case and if anything I just have to submit my expungement paperwork if they see something. But after reading your story I'm concerned. Did your case have no disposition? But you said it was dismissed? And how did your hearing go? I'd be so grateful for an update. Thanks for your time