Required 12 Mo Probation in Hospital with Supervised Practice - Any Advice?

  1. Hello to all Fellow Nurses,
    I am writing to see if anyone has been on probation through the Oklahoma Board of Nursing who has had trouble finding a job or someone who has had success at finding a job while on probation. I have worked my entire life in the medical field, first as a nurse aide, then LPN, followed by ADN. I've been an RN for 17 years now, was an LPN 5 years before that. I have never been before the board until now, and on the med error, I wrote myself up on and turned it into the hospital who filed a complaint to the OBN. I have an MS in Nursing Education, and graduated recently with my post master's Family Nurse Practitioner. Of course, my FNP request was denied by OBN because of my med error and bad judgment call (no drug diversion or drug addition etc). I was given a severe reprimand, 3 CEU classes (Nurse Jurisprudence, Critical thinking, and Medication Admin) and 1000 dollar fine.
    I have completed all but the last listed class. I have applied for 60+ positions across the state of Oklahoma and I've only had 6 interviews to date. I've been told "your too high a risk for the hospital", "a decision has been made that we do not wish to pursue supervised practice", and "we chosen someone else". So, my question to anyone out there is... have you ever been on supervised practice and probation and found a job? If so, how did you do that? I need a job, but am having trouble getting one. From 1 Nurse looking for some good advice! Thanks!
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  3. by   Ambitiouz
    I don't have any advice but just want to say sorry to hear the trouble you are going through with OBN and finding employment. Its seems like honesty isn't rewarded and you can be blackballed. With all the years of experience and education you have achieved I hope you'll be able to obtain employment at a place that willing to looked passed the mistake. Good Luck
  4. by   jalws
    Seems a little harsh. What was the med error??? Did you find a job?
  5. by   docnurse363
    What area do you live
  6. by   Toradol
    When I applied to Oklahoma by endorsement, they thought it necessary to put conditions on my license for about 5 months for a crime on my record from 14 years ago, During that time no one and I mean no one would give me the time of day until those conditions were completed.

    I never had trouble in other states i practiced in(2 other states). But Oklahoma laws are very different from other states.

    The hospitals, home health, hospice, nursing homes even agency would not have any thing to do with me till conditions are met. I hope you have a different story than me.

    And if you don't mind I would like to ask that it seems very harsh punishment for just a simple med error, is there more to it?
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  7. by   tulsanurse
    I am having the same problem now, or will in a few weeks. First I have been a nurse for 21 years without a blemish on my record. I had two co-workers( they won't tell me who but said both were licensed) tell my boss that I abused a patient. This was months after the alleged incident and NO proof whatsoever and now the BON has said that I should pay $500 fine, take 4 classes and swork under supervision for 6 months out of the next 12. I got fired from that job, got another agter 6 months trying and have been terminated from that job for being honest with them and telling them about what was happening. I am 60 years old and that does not help. I am thinking of telling them to stuff it and just hand them my license and see if I can find some sort of job out of nursing. It breaks my heart as I am a good nurse and just ****** off the wrong people. I wondered if you had found a place to practice and if so are they near Tulsa?