1. Ok im a lpn been nursing for 7 years license currently placed on probation. Does anyone know of any nursing school in Shreveport, Louisiana that will allow you to do the bridge program, lpn to rn, with a license on probation.. and need a little encouragement of light at the end of the tunnel with probationary lpn license but now a RN?! Just want advice don't want to get discouraged!

    Im situations like this sometimes you feel like the dark clouds are just over you
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  3. by   bluegeegoo2
    I don't know about schools in Louisiana, but all nursing bridge programs that I've looked into require an unencumbered license to be considered for acceptance into the program. You're best bet is to call the schools of interest to see what they're requirements are.
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    Repeat post.
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    Is this something that will be cleared up soon with the board? I'm pretty sure that the program(s) in nearby Marshll Texas will want to know when the probation period has concluded before admissions can proceed.
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