Parking Tickets and Child support issues prevent me from being a nurse?

  1. Hi guys. I just have a question about my situation, i have a traffic history of 3x suspended driving liscense ticket and 1 speeding ticket. Im scared to death about the situation that they will deny my lpn liscense. And also my drivers liscense is still suspended due to child support that i havent paid coz im not working and was going to fulltime school. I reside in CA. Any info will help! Thanku guys. So scared
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  3. by   wish_me_luck
    Do not know about CA specifically, but, yes, in some states child support issues can prevent you from being licensed.
  4. by   Patad
    Omg im so scared i dnt have money to pay unless i start working as a lpn if they would give me a liscense. I would love to hear more from you thanks! How about my traffic citation ticket anyone have anu idea? Idont know what im going to do i cant concentrate on my reciewing thinking they will deny my liscensure
  5. by   DeBerham
    Board of Registered Nursing - License Discipline and Convictions I know this is a link to the CA BON for RNs, but the BVNPT I believe has similar statutes in place. I would suggest you call the board and find out... For the RNs they can work for 150 days on a temporary license (I assume so that the money made can be put towards arrears). If that is the case it would probably be in your (and your child's) best interest to pay back what's owing before that temporary license comes expires. As for the traffic citations... I've a few speeding tickets in my day and no one has cared. If your license was revoked because of your driving though that is probably a different story. Again, you should probably call the BVNPT to find out. If you haven't started school I would highly suggest that you call and ask before starting the program.
  6. by   Patad
    Daberham thank you so much for your info! Im thinking i should borrow money to pay for child support and reinstate my CDL before i pass my application? Or shud i just sens it and see what BON says? I have citation for driving suspended liscense twice, my liscensed was suspended due failure to appear on court and pay a fine. What happen was i lost the ticket and thinking i remember the date that was i beleive the date stated on my lost ticket so when i went there they said i was scheduled for last week and i missed it probably have suspended my liscense akready and that was exactly happen im so ashamed of my mistakes. And i finish the program already im a new grad on process of filling my application. What do u think my chances are im so stressed everyday thinking all my hardwork and my future will be wash away