Ongoing DUI case with a recent RN license application

  1. I recently was arrested for a first time DUI. I am a traveling nurse and recently accepted a position at for my next assignment in NH. I applied for my nursing license for NH two days after the arrest since I've already accepted my position. I've disclosed the recent arrest and pending misdemeanor case on my application. I've hired a criminal lawyer and I'm in the process of looking for a nursing attorney to fit my needs. My concern is whether or not the state will deny my application or possibly ding me for a pending case. I was told from a nurse lawyer outside my jurisdiction to withdraw my application from NH because of possible probation from the board. Anyone with this recent experience? I'm so lost at the moment. I rarely drink and I was pressured to staying with friends for an extra drink. I've come to terms that in the end I am responsible for my actions but I'm so afraid at this moment.
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  3. by   AloeBlox
    From i been reading a lot of will be determined by bac level anything above .15 can and most likely will be accused
  4. by   twinsmom788
    Speaking as someone who has read 1000s of letters of explanation of circumstances of DUIs, etc, accompanying applications...please just state the facts. The Board does not care if you rarely drink...or were pressured by friends. It can be seen as a negative.