Nursing with a criminal record

  1. I got accepted to a accelerated nursing program and i had to take a background check and it came back postie. I was charge with receiving stolen property when i took a phone in high school . This happen in 2009 and since then i have been clean and avoided any trouble in my life. On the result of my fingerprint it stated record found but no conviction shown. I was wondering if that is a good thing and would i still be able to attend clinical.
    If anyone has been through it or know any one that been through this please help me !!
    I'm so nervous because i really don't want this mistake to stop me from achieving my goal.
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  3. by   G019
    Talk to your school. They will know a definite answer for that. This will ensure that if in cases you cannot sit for the boards, you wouldn't have wasted time and money finishing your program.
  4. by   dianah
    Moved, hoping for many helpful responses here.
  5. by   jgeniep24
    Actually my school didn't know what to say to me. I was up front with my school about my criminal charge though and that helped me with the board. My entire process took longer than my classmates but please understand the most important thing with the board of nursing is honesty. I went ten years and through the program without knowing if I'd get a license. And I would do it all over again. You will have more hoops to jump through than classmates but it's worth it